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China's first DIY smart bank opens in Jiefangbei

On April 20, the first DIY smart bank in China, created by Agricultural Bank, was officially opened in Jiefangbei.

As a smart bank where customers do their own business, the bank provides interesting and smart financial services by using new technologies and devices such as face recognition, touch interaction, induction tracking, voice recognition, VR virtual reality experience and digital reading. Here, through these new technologies and devices, customers can enjoy product portfolio recommendations tailored by big data and intelligent AI analysis; they can use wealth calculators and choose product portfolios independently; they can experience rich customized scenarios in the form of games based on their individual needs such as buying a house, a car or studying abroad; they can make deposits and withdrawals at self-service teller machines ......

Not only that, customers can also check the map information of the surrounding business district, the customer experience list of Chongqing's special restaurants, and various practical information such as discounts and special offers in the surrounding business district through the smart window set outside the bank.

Agricultural Bank of Chongqing Branch, the relevant person in charge of the creation of DIY smart bank aims to highlight the "customer-centric", with financial technology, artificial intelligence and big data and other technologies to redefine the new era of financial services, so that customers really enjoy the self-led high-quality financial services. Currently, DIY Smart Banking can handle over 90% of all banking services.

Source: Chongqing Daily

Editor: Xu Xiaolin

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