China's first commercial 100G silicon optical chip goes into production

Wuhan, August 29 (Reporter Fan Haotian) reporter learned from China Information and Communication Technology Group: Recently, China's independent research and development of the first commercial "100G silicon optical transceiver chip" officially put into use. This series of products support 100-200Gb/s high-speed optical signal transmission, with the advantages of ultra-small, high-performance, low-cost, universal, etc., can be widely used in transmission networks and data center optical transmission equipment.

According to the introduction, the commercialized silicon optical chip is jointly developed by the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, Optotec and other units. On a silicon chip of less than 30 square millimeters, nearly 60 active and passive optical components, including optical transmission, modulation, and reception, are integrated, making it one of the world's most highly integrated commercial silicon photonic integrated chips.

Yu Shaohua, director of the expert committee of the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center, said that the commercialization of the industrialization of 100G silicon optical chip is a new breakthrough in the field of silicon optical technology, indicating that China has the conditions and foundation for the commercialization of silicon optical product design. With the help of integrated circuits have been large-scale commercial CMOS process platform to achieve the production and manufacture of silicon optical chips, can effectively solve the problem of China's weak manufacturing capacity of high-end optoelectronic chips, process capability is insufficient.

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