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China's first superhighway to open in 2022 without fear of speeding

News source: China News Network

The claim that Zhejiang province is to build the country's first superhighway was officially confirmed recently. The reporter learned that the super highway to be built is the Hangzhou-Ningbo Repeater Expressway - Hangzhou-Shaoyang-Ningbo Expressway, which has been approved in sections, and the highway will have the four elements of intelligence, speed, green and safety.

On this superhighway, a big data-driven intelligent cloud control platform will be built. Through intelligent systems, vehicle control, effectively improve the speed of highway operation, on the basis of the current average speed of 90 km / h, so that the speed of 20-30%; build a human, vehicle, road synergy system, the long term will fully support automatic driving, and combined with wireless charging technology to achieve charging while driving ......

The person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation said that the core concept of intelligence is to build a comprehensive sensing system for human-vehicle-road coordination and to build a comprehensive operation monitoring and early warning system for the road network.

"The actual average operating speed of similar highways in Zhejiang is currently about 90 km/h, far below the 120 km/h speed limit. And with intelligent systems and vehicle controls, the superhighway will travel at much higher speeds, with the near-term goal of increasing average speeds by 20-30 percent, close to design speeds. In addition, drawing on the corresponding technical standards of the German highway without speed limit and the Italian maximum speed limit of 150 km/h, civil engineering technical indicators are reserved for the Hangzhou-Shaoyang-Ningbo Expressway to break through the design speed of 120 km/h in the long term. "The chief said.

The future of automobiles is electric, and naturally the superhighway was designed with this in mind. The director said the near-term goal is to provide charging services for electric vehicles through solar power, photovoltaic power on the road, and supplementation of electricity from plug-in charging posts. The long term goal is to achieve mobile wireless charging, charging while driving.

On top of intelligence, the superhighway will improve system safety with the goal of minimizing accident hazards. The recent realization of safe and fast highway traffic around the clock. The vision of zero fatalities will be achieved in the long term based on integrated access systems such as high precision positioning, vehicle-road collaboration and driverlessness.

The person in charge also said that Zhejiang takes into account the economic applicability of new technologies and materials while innovating, so that the construction of superhighways is exemplary and replicable.

According to the plan, the superhighway will be completed by the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.

What is the legendary "superhighway"?

This road goes from nowhere to nowhere.

This super highway to be built is the Hangzhou-Shaoyang-Ningbo Expressway - Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway Duplicate, which has been approved in sections, starting from the Xiasha hub of Hangzhou Bypass Expressway and ending at the Chaiqiao hub of Ningbo Pengshan Port Dredging Expressway, with a total length of about 161 kilometers in the line scheme, with a planned two-way six-lane road and a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour, and is expected to open to traffic in 2022, which will connect the two most important core cities of the Greater Bay Area along the south coast of Hangzhou Bay: Hangzhou and Ningbo.

Why is the speed limit on our highways 120km/h

This superhighway will increase speeds by 20-30%, compared to the current maximum speed limit of 120km/h on domestic highways. In fact, the reason for the 120km/h speed limit is based on the characteristics of the road itself and human physiology. When the speed is at 120km/h, the road conditions can be better matched to the car and the accident rate is lower. Speeds exceeding 120km/h are prone to major accidents as they already exceed the design standards for road surface and guardrail strength.

The speed limits are not quite the same from country to country. In Germany there is no speed limit on some highway sections, while most countries around the world have maximum speed limits, for example 150km/h in Italy, 130km/h in France and 120km/h in China.

"What's so different about the Superhighway?

The first superhighway will be designed to provide a safe driving environment for driverless vehicles, with intelligent and fault-tolerant design to enhance the safety of the road system, minimizing the level of accident hazards and achieving fast-passing vehicles and zero fatalities throughout the day.

The "superhighway" will have a photovoltaic surface. It is divided into three layers: the most superficial layer is the layer of light-transmitting concrete pavement, which has two main characteristics of high strength and high light transmission rate; the middle layer is the photovoltaic panel, photoelectric conversion, using the idle time of the pavement to absorb sunlight to generate electricity; the third layer is the insulation layer, which is both physical protection of the photovoltaic panel and waterproof and moisture-proof.

The future of electric vehicles can charge as they run

There are also electromagnetic induction loops reserved under the road surface. In the future, with the support of wireless technology for electric vehicles, it can be realized that electric vehicles can be charged while running during the driving process of this road, and no longer need to look for charging posts everywhere.

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