Chinese and foreign experts discuss in depth the reform and innovation of new energy vehicle industry

1month30 solstice31 sun, International Symposium on New Energy Vehicles and New Technology Promotion and Application held in Beijing。 Local transport authorities、 of domestic and international research institutions and industry players100 More than one delegate attended the meeting, Promote the application of new energy vehicles、 Automatic driving technology development、 New energy and new technology integration and other industry hotspots, Discussing the road to reform and innovation in the new energy vehicle industry。

This workshop is affiliated with the Global Environment Facility“ Alleviating congestion in major cities Reducing carbon emissions” sports event, By the World Bank、 Sponsored by China Communications News Agency, Energy Foundation、 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)、 Co-sponsored by the World Resources Institute。

The head of the Department of Transport Services of the Ministry of Transport said, The transport industry has always taken the promotion and application of new energy vehicles as a way to achieve green development in transport、 Important initiatives and important vehicles for building a strong transportation and smart society。 as of2017 end of the year, The total number of new energy vehicles used in the transportation industry has exceeded30 10,000 vehicles, up to2020 year, Rollout to be achieved up to60 The target of 10,000 units。

Thematic Workshop Sessions, Cui Hongyang, a researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation, proposes, Cities should adopt multiple incentives to provide consumers with“ visible” Economic benefits of the, Effective promotion of new energy vehicles。 Zhang Haitao of the Shenzhen Urban Transportation Planning and Design Institute took Beijing、 Shenzhen etc.5 Examples of cities, Introduced the energy saving and emission reduction of pure electric bus vehicle operation。 depending on2016 Measured by research data for the year, The energy consumption of purely electric buses for 100 km is80.8 kWh to124.2 kilowatt-hour (kWh), Energy efficient compared to conventional vehicles65% until80%。

Gupta, Project Manager of GEF India, shared that the Indian government has developed“ Accelerated electric vehicle adoption and production mechanisms”, Says India is advancing infrastructure such as charging pads by integrating cutting-edge technologies。 Markus, Project Manager, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)· Wagner said, Germany is conducting research on the subject of autonomous driving and network connectivity, However, a cautious approach is still adopted for large-scale application。

The seminar invited a total of16 A number of people from the World Bank、 Global Environment Facility India Project、 World Resources Institute、 Chinese Society of Automotive Engineering、 Representatives of experts from domestic and foreign organizations such as Ankai Bus, encircled“ Sharing of experiences in the promotion of new energy vehicles” harmony“ The Future of Autonomous Driving” Two themes were exchanged in depth。

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