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Chongqing Cybelle PCF Completes Nearly 100 Million Yuan Investment in Leading Domestic Technology Company

Recently, the Chongqing Sebring PCF completed an investment of nearly 100 million yuan in a leading domestic technology company.

Today, the digital economy has become a core driver of our economic growth. Data show that the digital economy contributed 55% to China's GDP in 2017, approaching or even surpassing the level of some developed countries. This result has been made possible by the country's adoption of the development of a digital economy as an important development strategy. The strategy calls for the development of a digital economy, accelerating the industrialization of digital and the digitization of industry, promoting the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and accelerating the digitization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing, agriculture and services.

The key to developing a digital economy is to achieve the integration of real businesses with new technologies. To achieve this integration, on the one hand, financial services are needed as an entry point to digitize the real economy; on the other hand, technology companies are needed to provide enterprise services to help.

The entry point for financial services is to use data and technology, including artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies, to provide financial institutions with corporate services that improve endogenous growth, so as to better serve small, medium and micro enterprises, three farmers and young people, and to achieve a virtuous cycle of finance and the real economy. Make finance truly real economy-based, while helping to digitize the real economy.

Technology companies providing business services to help is borrowing the power of technology to drive the real economy. Technology is a central driver of economic and social progress for humanity as a whole. From global experience, technology-based business services companies can help real businesses to continuously unlock new momentum.

As the first fund management company established by Cyber Greentech Investment Group in the southwest region, Chongqing Cyber Yingke has been actively focusing on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other fields under the Group's investment framework of combining industry and finance. Fintech companies that use a variety of cutting-edge technology tools such as big data, artificial intelligence and mobile internet to serve digital industrialization have entered our vision earlier and become our key focus for investment. As an investment institution, an in-depth analysis of the investment model in the fintech sector, leading to an effective exchange of value, will help to dig deeper into the potential value of companies and uncover more promising companies.

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