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Luoyang Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Design and Research Institute Co.

At present, new technologies represented by industrial Internet, big data and cloud computing are developing rapidly and have a profound impact on all walks of life.

How to use new technology to solve the painful and difficult problems in the traditional non-ferrous metal processing industry, such as long troubleshooting time and fuzzy and sloppy management, etc., China Color Technology has launched its own solution, which is to build an industrial Internet platform and big data center for the industry, and provide comprehensive technical services based on real-time monitoring of production and equipment and supported by big data, so as to realize the precise management of enterprises and boost the industrial upgrading of the industry.

Remote technical services can reduce unplanned downtime in the non-ferrous metal processing industry by more than 50%, reduce equipment maintenance costs by at least 5%, and drive overall benefits by more than 3%.

Q What are our strengths?

Through the Internet platform, real-time monitoring and data collection of industry equipment and production conditions form a collection of industry data.

Through analysis and mining of industry big data, combined with real-time monitoring, it is possible to.

i. Trend prediction and failure warning. Support companies in proactive maintenance by predicting failures in advance of their occurrence.

Second, automatic equipment point inspection, timely response, accurate inspection.

Third, the equipment failure intelligent alarm, with fast positioning, and simple failure analysis function.

Fourth, it can provide all kinds of customized statistical reports, such as equipment failure rate, utilization rate, energy consumption statistical reports, etc., to provide a basis for accurate management of enterprises.

V. Provide data support for system enhancements and production lean management. Traditional lean management is more about making changes in behavior and systems. When supported by big data, lean management will become more quantitative and it will be easy to identify ways to improve effectiveness.

Sixth, with the function of experts online. Through the platform, the industry, distributed throughout the country, including the remote integration of experts in the field of industry, academia and research, the timely consultation of the problems that arise in the production of enterprises, rapid response, low-cost solution to the difficult problems of enterprises.

(vii) Provide more convenient means of information technology office. All the above functions are available through PC and mobile APP.

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