Click on this amazing website and you will see the "new world" of Xu Tu

Speaking of Xu Tu's website.

The image that comes to the mind of many peeps is probably something like this -

This style of painting probably evokes nostalgia in many of my friends

And now, Xutu's new website is finally with you!

The applause was loud and

The new website takes a bow on stage!

It's important to say it three times!

A faster way to search

Click on "Bibliographic Search" at the top of the page to find resources in the collection.

It also supports "author keyword search" and "subject keyword search", etc.

You can also use "Site Search" to search for information within the site. For example, if you type in "event schedule", you can see our library's recent event schedule.

By clicking on "My Library", you can register your account and "Renew" and other functions.

Better and clearer page presentation

The library's recent events, announcements, street library information, and reading information such as "Goodreads" are presented in a clearer and more concise manner.

You can also see the "Upcoming Events" that many people are interested in.

A more optimized user experience

In the "Reader Services" section at the bottom right corner of the page, many readers are concerned about the opening hours, how to get a card, borrowing rules, etc. Here ~ If you have any questions, you can also click on "Reader Message" to leave a message online to us.

If your favorite book is not in our collection, you can also click on "Reader's Choice" to recommend a good book.

Richer digital resources

With the revamp of the website, we have integrated more digital resources, hoping to let you know the world without leaving home.


Information learning digital resources

Wanfang Journal Database

Xinhua E Store Digital Library

Edgecoxon Exam Database

Starting point self-service exam study system

Unrestricted Star CD-ROM Database

Declaration database

Hays Library of Republican Books

lit. greatly form a pile of old paper

Bridgeman Art Library

SilverStick Online Exam Database

New Curriculum Digital Library

knowledge horizon

Bebe English

Wonderful Craft Workshop


Dream Wisdom Land

Icgo English - Intelligent Learning Specialist (Primary)

Icgo English - Intelligent Learning Specialist (Middle School)


Digital resources in the audio-visual entertainment category

Himalayan Audio Digital Library

Wanfang Video

Wisers Real-Time Media Database

Icgo English - Intelligent Learning Specialist (Primary)

Unrestricted Star CD-ROM Database

Superstar Video


Xuhui Historical Landscape Theme Museum Database

A local database that focuses on collecting information on the history and style of Xuhui. The database covers areas such as history, architecture and people related to Xuhui. Through the Xuhui Historic Landscape Theme Database, you can browse photos and profiles related to 139 old houses in the Xuhui area, such as the Kong Family Garden and the Little Red House of Chinese Singing.


How can these digital resources be used?

Method I

Museum visits

You can use the computers on the third floor of the South Building or the second floor of the North Building, click on the appropriate digital resource, and select "In-Library Access".

Method II

Off-site visits

Sourceradical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 2)Shanghai Xuhui District Library

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2、HDU4632Palindromesubsequence interval DP
3、Selected 26 Python practical tips want to show skills first Get this technical list
4、Machine Learning in Action with Linear Regression
5、Programmers Story elber is a programmer

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