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Cloud Ant Beauty and Wellness Applet Solution

According to a survey, the total number of large and small stores in the beauty industry in China has exceeded 1.5 million as many. This figure fully reflects the remarkable improvement in the standard of living of our residents in recent years, with people having spare money in their hands and willing to invest in their beauty and health.

Beauty industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, enterprises want to win a place in the competition, only the professional segmentation to the end, it is possible to find the existence of market gaps, to find new development space. Market demand and industry competition have also intensified the segmentation of the beauty industry.

In reality, the beauty and hairdressing industry has many pain points waiting to be solved, such as waiting in line at the hair salon for hairdressing is a very boring thing, and for the choice of hairdresser, a variety of hairdressing products selection is more clueless.

Many beauty salons and hairdressers are losing customers badly and operators do not know how to maintain customers; Sales do not attract customers and are not effective ; Beauty shops are limited in their avenues of customer expansion. A quality applet can help the beauty and hair industry solve a lot of difficulties.

Nearby applets cover a 10 km radius and increase brand exposure to. WeChat small program especially focus on localization services, beauty salon's small program as long as access to "nearby small program", a 10 km radius customers can quickly find your shop through the "discovery - small program - nearby small program", for offline beauty salon to increase brand exposure.

Store information and services are fully displayed to provide customers with a better consumer experience. Customers can view detailed information about the salon environment, service reviews, service items, beautician list, etc. in the applet, and can also directly book a beautician with one click, providing a better consumption experience for customers.

Save time in the queue by booking online and choosing freely.The beauty salon applet adds the function of online appointment of beautician service. Customers can enter the beauty salon applet and check which technicians are available in the salon, as well as check the service content of the beautician, the type of expertise, user reviews and other information, and can also communicate with the technician online to make an appointment, and then they can enjoy the service in the store without queuing.

Membership systems and marketing features that help salons pull in new talent, retain and promote activity: the Beauty salon small program embedded membership distribution, rebates, full reductions, points and other marketing functions, innovative business model, well help beauty salons to pull new, retention, promote live. Customers can enjoy a full discount on their first consumption, consumption is a member, members have points, recommend friends can also enjoy the small program rebate, old customers to pull new customers, a constant source of fission, can effectively promote the second consumption of customers.

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