Cloud computing and virtualization are not a solution to a class of problems

This is the one place where everyone talks about" surname Yun"、" big data" age of, As aIT migrant worker, If chatting with peers among themselves, Without getting into that aspect, Some might think you're out of touch., Can't keep up with the times.。 Since cloud computing is such a hot concept, So what exactly is cloud computing? Throughout the history of computers and the Internet, The rapid development of any new technology, Then this new technology will definitely change the way people live, Or can greatly affect people's lives.。 e.g. smartphones、 The advent of tablet computers, etc.?

So what's the difference between cloud computing and virtual machines (VMWare)? In this regard, some users said that virtualization technology and the now popular big data Hadoop technology what is the difference, to solve the problem of a class? Virtualization mainly addresses resource utilization, automatic scaling of resource provisioning. There is server (compute) virtualization (kvm/xen/lxc, etc.), storage virtualization, and network virtualization. The original data center server consolidation took advantage of a lot of virtualization. The current cloud computing model is also based on virtualization technologies, especially the IAAS layer. However, cloud computing is essentially utility computing and pay-as-you-go, so SAAS can also be implemented without being based on virtualization.

Hadoop is the computing framework used to solve the analytics introduced by google's similar big data. (mapreduce and distributed storage). You can put these things in a virtualized environment's. Are all virtualization technologies suitable for parallel computing, distributed big data storage and retrieval?

A distinction has to be made here as to what the virtualization is. As above, there is server virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization. Software-defined networking, software-defined storage, and, broadly speaking, this is also considered an application of virtualization technology, are now popular. Parallel computing is a model of computing. This can be done based on virtualization technology. lerlang is the use of vm to represent multiple processes. But it can also be implemented in hardware.

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