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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing

On June 20, the 16th China Strait Project Achievement Fair entered the third day, this fair to "project, technology, capital, talent" as the theme, is the Fujian Province to widely absorb domestic and foreign scientific and technological achievements and Fujian docking, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to real productivity and build a platform.

Using artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, the people who came to visit were given a taste of technology. "Since 2003, a large-scale project results fair has been held every June in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, and various forms of project matching activities have been held throughout the year, relying on the "6.18" Collaborative Innovation Institute and the "Double Innovation" cloud platform to build a platform for project results matching and trading among domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, enterprise technology centers, investors and enterprises.

Today's reporter visited the Smart Manufacturing Pavilion, the Senior Care Industry Pavilion, the Ecological and Environmental Protection Pavilion, and the Urban Complex Pavilion, where he interviewed exhibitors from all walks of life in the Experience Zone. This "6.18'" promotion is the first time in Fujian Province, this "6.18'" promotion to the construction of "fresh Fujian - summer care blessing" as the theme, "filial piety first, love spreads to all families" the service model of the elderly industry more and more refined and diversified, many elderly projects also combined with tourism, culture, beautiful countryside, rural revitalization strategy; "for medical empowerment, achievement of super doctor" high-tech medical field more advanced and professional; unmanned helicopters also appeared in this exhibition, the army equipment research projects, for reconnaissance, armed combat to promote the integration of military and civilian products more competitive and industry with power. Through this matchmaking meeting, the military and the local community will jointly establish a long-term mechanism to promote more "civilian enterprises to participate in the military", speed up the transformation of dual-use technology and expand the new space for integrated military-civilian development.


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