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Commoner heroes coming in, king mania phase - what will be the future trend?

Hello, everyone, the server has been slightly modified, the new version has just met with everyone, the version is like an express train, the speed is as exciting as the content; rare weapons that were once hard to see are now tightly wrapped into everyone's backpack, the weight of the permanent Barrett has been shaken, what do you think is still lacking in your warehouse?

The ultimate series may be the enhanced version of the King of Kings, but the source of the weapon is the official claim that it is very cost-effective, and the way to get it and the channel is very promising.

The true nature of the King's Blade has also been revealed, so which other direction will the future server updates go in, let's explore. [*Note: The following content represents personal opinion only, please refer to the official Crossfire server update for details!]

King's Role

In order to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Crossfire, the official planning launched the "royal version" of the heroic character Feng and Blade Warrior - King Blade; imagine if more characters launched the King version, such as "King Seth", "King Spirit Fox", "King Lan", etc., the King version is more inclined to civilianization, would you like it?

ultimate weapon

The Ultimate Thor has emerged like a shining superstar, and the rest of the Ultimate series is just around the corner. What will the Ultimate Fire Unicorn and Ultimate Destruction look like? There are more ultimate weapons to look forward to.

Source Series Weapons

The source series of weapons mentioned above, the latest event "fragment system" can get permanent and term version of the source weapons, but the source series does not have all the hero weapons replica out, like the Dragon Slayer, Black Dragon, Aurora "source" version is not yet open. Stay tuned to see if all "Heroic Source Weapons" will be opened in the future.

Light effects, skin

Heroic martial arts skins for a thousand people? Tired of playing with dark moons and energy cores too? Would people like it if normal weapons were introduced with light effects? The new "pink and blue" light effect is already available, and it would be great if weapon skins could also use the "gradient" effect~

Weapon upgrade system

Following the launch of the Royal Knight and Royal Eagle, the innovation of the free weapon upgrade system has stalled; however, through understanding that players still prefer the weapon upgrade system, will the official upgrade system for new weapons be made dynamic again after a series of updates. The first two weapon prototypes are the AK-47 and M4-A1 classics, so the next upgradeable weapon is likely to be a sidearm or sniper rifle, and it's bound to perform well enough to be worth waiting for!

Game Interface

After the last Crossfire 2.0 innovation, it is very obvious that the game interface has changed dramatically, becoming more "mechanical", and updated the "card-type" room entry interface; interface skin optimization space is very large, so if the game system interface innovation will be another major change in Crossfire.

After the version revamp and system fixes, the new Spirit Fox engagement event is back, so you don't have to worry about running out of members again!

Redoing weapons

That's right. I've already shared this with you before, so if you haven't read it, you can follow the last informative article.

Anticipation: what will be the next redone weapon?

New Release Mojo: Newly Made Weapons Speculated Again

Time goes by really fast, it doesn't feel like anything yet, the day of the tenth anniversary of Crossfire is getting closer and closer; from the opening of the service to today, after more than 3000 days and nights, I hope you can also cherish every minute and second in the world of Firebrand, and let's wish Crossfire a better future! I'm Tony, and we'll see you next time!

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