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Complete SpringCloud-based microservices architecture in action

This project is a microservices project built on frameworks such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Oauth2 and Spring Cloud Netflix.

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technology stack

Spring boot - Entry-level micro framework for microservices, used to simplify the initial build of Spring applications and the development process.

Eureka - Cloud Service Discovery, a REST-based service for locating services to enable middle-tier service discovery and failover in the cloud.

Spring Cloud Config - Configuration management toolkit that lets you put configuration on remote servers and centralize cluster configuration, currently supporting local storage, Git, and Subversion.

Hystrix - Fuse, a fault-tolerance management tool designed to provide greater fault tolerance for delays and failures by controlling the nodes of services and third-party libraries through a fusing mechanism.

Zuul - Zuul is a framework for providing dynamic routing, monitoring, elasticity, security, and other edge services on a cloud platform. Zuul is the equivalent of a front door for all requests on the back end of the Web site for devices and Netflix streaming applications.

Spring Cloud Bus - Event, messaging bus for propagating state changes across a cluster (e.g., configuration change events) that can be hot deployed in conjunction with Spring Cloud Config.

Spring Cloud Sleuth - A log collection toolkit that encapsulates Dapper and log-based tracing as well as Zipkin and HTrace operations to implement a distributed tracing solution for SpringCloud applications.

Ribbon - Provides cloud-based load balancing with a choice of load balancing policies for use with service discovery and circuit breakers.

Turbine - Turbine is a tool for aggregating event stream data sent by servers to monitor the metrics of hystrix under a cluster.

Spring Cloud Stream - Spring dataflow operations development kit that encapsulates sending and receiving messages with Redis, Rabbit, Kafka, etc.

Feign - Feign is a declarative, templated HTTP client.

Spring Cloud OAuth2 - A security toolkit based on Spring Security and OAuth2 to add security controls to your applications.

Application Architecture

The project consists of 8 services

registry - Service Registration and Discovery

config - external configuration

monitor - Monitoring

zipkin - Distributed Tracking

gateway - Interface gateway that proxies all microservices

auth-service - OAuth2 authentication service

svca-service - Business Service A

svcb-service - Business Service B

System Architecture

Application Components

Launch project

Quick Start with Docker

Configuring a Docker Environment

Packaging projects and Docker images

Execute in the project root directory Start all projects

local manual launch

Configuring rabbitmq

Modify hosts to point the hostname to the local

Or change the corresponding hostname in each service configuration file to the local ip

Start registry, config, monitor, zipkin

launch gateway、auth-service、svca-service、svcb-service

Project Preview Registration Center

Visit http://localhost:8761/ Default account user, password password


Visit http://localhost:8040/ Default account admin, password admin

control panel

Application Registration History

Turbine Hystrix Panel

Details of app information, health status, garbage collection, etc.


Viewing and modifying environment variables

Managing Logback Logging Levels

View and use JMX

View Threads

Certification History

View Http Request Traces

Hystrix Panel

Link Tracking

Visit http://localhost:9411/ Default account admin, password admin

control panel

Link Tracking clear and detailed

Service Dependencies

RabbitMQ Monitoring

Docker launch interviews http://localhost:15673/ Default Account Number guest, pin number guest( local rabbit Management System Default Port15672)

Interface testing

Get Token

Returns data in the following format.

Accessing the service a interface using access token

The following data is returned.

Accessing the service b interface using the access token

The following data is returned.

Use refresh token to refresh the token

Returns the updated Token.

Refresh Configuration

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