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Computer Education feature: Advancing the modern university by leaps and bounds with OCW

summary】 < positive> What is OCWOCW The full name of theOpen Course Ware。MIT Open Course Ware It is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) A great innovation of the。

Leveraging OCW to advance modern

University leapfrogging

What is OCW

The full name of OCW is Open Course Wareo

MIT Open Course Ware is a great creation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT). Through it, MIT will progressively make the teaching materials and courseware of all its courses available online for free and unrestricted access to knowledge seekers and educators worldwide.

CORE (China Open Resources forEducation) is an unofficial organization inspired by MITOCW, initiated by the IEdin Foundation in the US and created in collaboration with Beijing Jiaotong University. CORE's mission is to promote close cooperation and resource sharing between colleges and universities in China and the United States, and believes that this is a major trend in the development of education in the world.

CORE is committed to providing free and convenient access to global open educational resources for Chinese universities. Today, CORE and MIT are working together to bring Open Course Ware to China and create an OCW mirror site to facilitate the growing demand for this valuable resource for educators and knowledge seekers in China (especially in universities).

CORE's core values are "openness and sharing" and "collaboration". In addition to introducing excellent foreign educational resources to Chinese education, CORE will work with Chinese universities to spread their excellent educational resources to the world, thus realizing the "two-way connection" between Chinese education and international education.

Coinciding with CORE's core values, at the beginning of OCW's launch, MIT President Charles M. Vest said with great anticipation, "We firmly believe that continually opening access to resources and encouraging partner participation will greatly advance the advancement and growth of education."

How to use OCW

OCW is a breakthrough in improving the teaching of information in classes, and Mr. Rice excitedly described what it means to have the curriculum of the world's leading universities posted online, and a move that has sparked other great universities to follow suit. This means that no matter where you are you will likely have the same access to quality educational resources as those great students! Now that more and more educational resources are available on the web, the most difficult question is how can we leverage OCW or quality resources like OCW to advance the progress of universities nowadays, especially the non-top ones. Mr. Rice summarized the following points.

1) Know that excellent resources exist.

The first thing that is needed is for teachers as well as students to be conscious of these excellent educational resources and for them to know that they do not have to be at a top-notch university to enjoy a top-notch education. As advocated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ) in the United States, every inquirer who wants to progress will enjoy a first-class education. Only by understanding this can job seekers and educators proactively use the internet to find the quality educational resources they need.

2) Access to quality resources.

Knowing that there are quality educational resources that you need on the web, the following thing to do is to get them, or get better at getting them. Access to quality educational resources online can be viewed online at OCW's official website or at some of the websites that partner with OCW. It is still most convenient to find the appropriate resources online and then download them and watch them whenever and wherever you want.

According to Mr. Rice, learning to take advantage of those great courses at OCW is even more advantageous than attending a top university because these great open courses can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and at a relatively low cost. He often made the statement that the advent of the information age would completely disrupt the traditional education model in many ways, of which the adoption of OCW or something like it to advance the university stride now was one of them.

3) Take these excellent courses.

Having learned how to get these great courses, the next question is how to come to them. It is a study and an art to choose from the vast number of excellent courses, to use them to develop students' abilities and to determine their learning steps.

Students are fully capable of following the lessons in the video on their own. The teacher does not need to intervene when the problems encountered are merely technical; these so-called technical problems can be solved by the students themselves online. This exercises the students' problem solving skills and gives the teacher time to learn some new areas of knowledge and prepare the students for the next stage of their learning. The teacher's guidance is needed only when the student has problems with the direction of self-study, assigning the student a study plan and correcting deviations from the direction of study achieved over more than a decade.

Through more than ten years of exploration, the improvement class has concluded a method of using online resources for learning and has made the corresponding curriculum. The process of discovery is tortuous and the path of exploration is long. In the process, teachers turn small probability events into a ten-percent chance through a general-to-specific and special-to-universal discovery method. The corresponding results of the improvement class are obtained by Ms. Mi's persistence in education and her continuous creation of teaching methods.

"The current graduates of the improvement class are getting higher salaries from one class to the next," said Mr. Rice, happily referring to the development of the graduates. The average salary level of students who graduated in the most recent class is $100,000 per year. "In fact, this is just the beginning," continued Mr. Mi, "the students graduating from the improvement class will have even more development in the next two to three years, and this has already been confirmed - several students from the fifth term have already taken on the role of project managers in their own positions and have started to be responsible for the progress of the whole project as well as the supervision and management of quality!"

We believe that the improvement class will get better and better, and in a few years' time, it will be "a place of red and wet, a city of flowers"!

Success can be replicated

The teaching methods of the improvement class model are completely replicable. Central to the process of guiding student learning is how to organize students' learning programs and how to keep them interested in learning, which sets higher goals for the teacher's macro-guidance role. The information age requires teachers to change from a teacher who simply teaches knowledge to a mentor who can develop learning plans and guide students in their studies. With the educational resources as a knowledge guarantee and the teachers as a direction guide, I believe that the spark of improving the teaching methods of the class will create a prairie fire.

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