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Computers working for humans

Technology has two philosophies - one is to do things for people, the other is to enable peopleto do work better and more efficiently.

——Ben Thompson

Today to talk about the Google I/O conference.

The same as Microsoft is the importance of AI, Google conference throughout the AI technology, Google stressed that in the rapid development of technology today, "technology and responsibility" should be the main goal of Google's pursuit.

Unlike Microsoft, Google's philosophy is that computers do things for humans.

The most stunning and the biggest highlight of this Google I/O conference is undoubtedly Google's artificial intelligence assistant - Google Assistant, Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced that this is Google's core strategic product now and in the future, the focus is to meet the needs of people's daily lives, such as booking restaurants, hairdressers, helping you find videos of cooking while cooking, etc., after which it will continue to be upgraded and embedded in more hardware devices and applications.

First is Google CEO Sundar Pichai's tangent: "Our vision for Assistant is to help you get things done. "

Closer to this philosophy is also the statement, "The common theme in all of this is that we are trying to save time for our users. At Google, we've always been pretty obsessed with this. In the case of search, we've been obsessed with getting users answers quickly and giving them what they want. "

In Google's view, computers can help you get things done and save time by doing things for you.

What Google Assistant has achieved since its inception: the service has reached more than 25 countries and regions; it can now control 500 million smart devices.

It can call restaurants, barbershops, and the like instead of you to help you make requests for times and seats, and according to a demo at this conference, Google Assistant can understand the person even if the customer service is incoherent, and can even reach the end point by improvising responses and questions.

If the appointment time is full, Google Assistant will agree on another suitable time point and after the call, Google Assistant will mark the time on the schedule.

Most importantly, the process is so smooth and articulated so naturally that the customer service doesn't feel like it's talking to a machine.

Another fun feature is the Google Lens camera, which gives us the feeling: the virtual and real worlds are just one camera away.

The new Google Lens feature is also amazing, based on AI to achieve text and object recognition, as well as through AI technology to answer the user "see" questions.

Then there's Google News, with the slogan See what you want to see.

Depending on your reading preferences, Google News can push you articles that interest you as well as local news.

If you're confused about the content of a story, Google News can provide more comprehensive coverage, with multiple sources of information to determine the accuracy of the content.

The Google News update is a complete rework for iOS, Android and Web platforms, with the new Google News helping users subscribe to multiple publication sources with the help of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, based on the axing of the existing "News" and "Play Newsstand" services.

Whether it's Google Assistant or Gboard, which supports Morse code input, or Gmail, which helps you compose emails with simple typing suggestions, with the new SmartCompose feature, or Google Photos, which has been updated with three major features: one-click retouching, selective desaturation and gallery sharing, it's all about Google's AI First mantra and its philosophy of "computers doing things for humans.

Google News will find you the news you need; Google Maps will find you new restaurants and shops nearby; Google Photos will not only categorize and tag your photos, it will now make specific editing suggestions ......

Google has announced the merger of Google Research and to launch the new Google AI, overseeing all Google Research projects and AI matters.

For its part, Google AI aims to advance technological advances in the field, working on products and new areas of artificial intelligence applications. It's everyone who can use AI tools.

The developer conference further demonstrates Google's determination to "All in AI", unlike Microsoft's AI which mainly targets the to B enterprise market, Google's AI is focused on the to C consumer market.

A tech giant that shares the same philosophy as Google is Facebook, and here's what Mark Zuckerberg said in his keynote at the Facebook F8 conference, "I believe we need to design a technology to help bring people closer together. I'm sure this won't happen on its own. So, to do that, part of the solution is that one day our technology needs to focus more on people and our relationships. Now, there's no guarantee that we'll get this right. It's a tough thing to do. We will make mistakes, mistakes will have consequences, and we need to correct them. But what I can guarantee is that if we don't work on this issue, the world itself will not move in that direction. "

Facebook has taken a more extreme approach than Google; Facebook not only wants to do things for you, it wants to do things its CEO has made clear it won't do.

But it's only a difference of degree; the core philosophy of both Google and Facebook is the same, which is TO DO THINGS FOR PEOPLE.

With comparison.

Microsoft Build 2018 Conference : AI Redefine All.

Google I/O Conference 2018: AI First.

Apple WWDC18: Welcome home developers.

What do you see?

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