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Two years on, ask a random passerby what's the hottest thing and the answer has to be artificial intelligence (AI). One researcher even said bluntly, "I've been doing pattern recognition (image, sound, and other recognition technologies) for so many years that I'm afraid to call myself an artificial intelligence. And in the wake of AlphaGo, just about anything that hooks up with recognition now claims to be in AI. "

"The term "artificial intelligence" actually originated from a summer seminar held at Dartmouth College in 1956, which McCarthy named the Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence, after which artificial intelligence saw its first sunrise, arguably the golden age of traditional artificial intelligence.

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However, in 2006 Jeff Hinton proposed the "deep learning" approach to neural networks, and AI entered another spring. Artificial intelligence" is now commonplace on Chinese university campuses, in startups and even in mobile phone lenses.

With all the startups claiming to be AI-related, the price of AI engineers has gone up, and salaries can start at $500,000 a year. AI projects led by academics tend to bring the culture of academic "paper-grubbing" to the corporate world.

In the media, we often hear that an AI company has made another "breakthrough", but these breakthroughs are often academic words that are difficult to implement.

1、A handson introduction to deep learning four awesome TensorFlow open source projects on GitHub
2、Tools for installing kubernetes from domestic sources
3、Friendship Twitter feed stream push and pull practice
4、A free crossplatform open source audio editor Audacity
5、Autodesk the worlds largest 3D design company partners with HTC to bring specialized design to VR

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