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Configuring the ODBC Data Source

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ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)

From the literal meaning can be seen, ODBC is the equivalent of an intermediate protocol, it can connect to all kinds of databases, even including EXCEL and text. It provides a unified usage to the program, the program if using ODBC to operate the actual database, regardless of the back-end database is DB2 or SQL Server, or upgraded, the program can almost always respond to the changes with no change.

Here's a rough description of how to establish an ODBC data source connection.

First, you have to find the ODBC data source driver, if your system is WinXP or Win7 32-bit, Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Data Source (if your system is Win7 64-bit, C:Windowssyswow64, find odbcad32.exe, open is, many friends may have encountered this situation, in Win7 64-bit control panel or system32 in the odbc32, can only add SQL Server), open the interface (the following figure).

Where, above, you can select the type of DSN to add (User DSN, System DSN, File DSN), the Add button on the right of the standalone machine brings up a dialog box to select the database driver type (as follows).

Select the type of database you want to add (here's an example using Microsoft Access Driver first) and complete it standalone at

Fill in the data source name, description, click "Select" to choose the path of your database file, if you need to set the password, click "Advanced" option to set the password. Once everything is ready, click OK, the ODBC data source is successfully configured, no matter which program you use to access your database, it will be easy to access your database!

In order to addSQL Server Database as an example to illustrate( Create a fileDSN), (located) at“ Creating a new data source” dialog box and select"SQL Server", the next step:

Fill in the name of the data source, note, This data source name is the string in the code to connect to the database in theDSN File name:ConnectString = "FileDSN=student.dsn;UID=sa;PWD=password", clicking“ the next step”:

Click "Finish".

Fill in the description of the data source and select local server. If you don't have local server, you can find Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services and enable SQL related services in the Extensions tab. Click "Next".

Select or fill in SQL validation, next.

To change the default database in SQL Server, click Next.

Click "Finish".

Click on "Test Data Source (T)" and the test is successful!

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