Continued: a lingering cocktail - weak water mojito

The Weakwater mojito is Weakwater Technology's flagship flathead stopper, and is considered one of the few best flatheads on the planet in this era of flatheads' decline. The Weakwater mojito features a dual dynamic design that replicates the vintage God plug Panasonic hv100 with 14 ohms impedance and 103dB/mW sensitivity.

The mojito is a low sensitivity and low resistance plug, just by looking at the parameters, you can tell that this plug is not very pushable, in previous reviews even the balanced port n5 can not be fully pushed, the low end is still a bit tight. Here's a chat about mojito results under the desk with aune x1s+x7s and gold chrysanthemums as the front end and the cable is a copper and silver hybrid single ended.

The song is Suara's "Unstable God(literary)" in dsd64 format, which is the op1 of the TV anime "Heirloom - False Masquerade" and the bgm of the game "Heirloom - The White Emperor of Two". The song depicts the capriciousness of the gods playing with the world, and the emotions of a couple of lovers who have gone through the vicissitudes of the world and long to be reunited.

With the x1s + x7s, the mojito is pushed completely through, the soundstage and separation is much improved, the low end is no longer tight, it becomes much looser, and there is some depth to the dive, with a big ear feel. Compared to the big-eared Philips x2, though, the sound is thin on the low end and lacks ambience. One serious problem under this mix is that too much droning [1] affects the listening experience.

Under the Golden Daisy, the mojito can also be pushed out completely. Compared to the desk machine, the vocal position is more forward and a lot more delicate, without the teeth, and the low frequencies can be pushed out with a loose sense of purity and clarity, which can be said to bring out the full potential of the mojito. A well pushed mojito loud field with excellent dynamics [2], transients [3] and excellent resolution [4] describes the instrumentation in this song well, especially the crisp triangle at the beginning. The downside is that the drums are looser, but lack a sense of energy. For a flathead, that's good enough. The vocals, while leaning forward a bit, still lack some emotion; even so, such an extraordinary performance is enough for a primarily instrumental plug, and the mojito qualifies as a top-notch flathead.

To sum up.

Mojito this plug is really bad service, the general front-end push is not enough to push out the loose low frequency; desktop machine and easy to control poorly to push out the teeth, can play this 1400 block of plugs, you have to spend several times the price to match, is a disadvantage!


[1] Alveolar: also called marginal. The so-called edge tones (edge tones) are the airflow passing over the edge of a solid and making a sound. Rim tones are the most typical air vibration sounding.

[2] Dynamic: HiFi term dynamic refers to: the logarithm of the ratio of the maximum undistorted output power of the audio equipment during playback to the system noise output power at rest, the dynamic range in decibels (dB). In layman's terms, this is the distance between the lowest and the loudest sound of a piece of music or a piece of equipment. Demonstrates the device's ability to control the rise and fall of the sound.

[4] Explanation: The ability of the device to discriminate the sound reproduction.

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