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Conversation with Yu Chengdong: How powerful is the AI capability of Huawei's Mate20 series phones?

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26 October.

Huawei Mate

After the launch of the 20 series phones, we met Huawei


Business CEO

Yu Chengdong (1945-), Chinese actor

The total of Yu was interviewed after the meeting, for the reporter's questions, Yu answered one by one. The question was asked during the interview: given that Huawei has entered a no-man's land of innovation, what will happen regarding Huawei's future end-side AI?

Yu said that on this issue of future development, artificial

Intelligent terminals

It's bound to get smarter, which is vital for everyone. along with


Continuously evolving, end-side AI will also evolve further, and AI will gradually increase in the areas that enhance the capabilities of the phone. For example, the camera capabilities have been improved in such a way that the phone's imaging quality is getting closer to that of a DSLR. With the increased floating point computing power of mobile phone processors, especially in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence can make mobile phone products less of a cold machine.

This was done in Huawei Mate 20 This was evident at the launch of the series of mobile phones。 Huawei App Kirin980 The power of the processorAI algorithmic power, on-the-spot use Huawei Mate 20 A human-computer game was played., And the unicorn980 The processor is up against no one else, officially today「 chess master」

Nie Weiping

previous year, The famous chess champion Ke Jie andAlphaGo The game has generated a lot of attention in the national and international media, I didn't expect this scene in Huawei Mate 20 The launch party is back on。 The launch party saw Nip not mincing words about Huawei Mate 20 Praise for the series of phones:“ This phone is amazing., You can be a fourth-degree amateur.!” What is the level of amateur 4th dan? sufficient to overcome90% of

Go enthusiasts

This shows the power of the Kirin 980 processor's dual-core NPU. The Kirin 980's performance as applied to the phone is also extraordinary, capable of recognizing 4,500 images per minute, which is nothing compared to the Xiaolong 845 processor of the same period with less than 100 calculations per minute.

Huawei is putting the power of Kirin 980's computing power on

Mobile photography

On the other hand, the mobile phone AI scene master is realized, which not only achieves intelligent recognition and optimization of 500+ scenes in 22 categories, but also enables partitioning and tuning of photos to further realize the photo effect of "one-click imaging comparable to SLR". Not only that, but Huawei uses the AI computing power of the Kirin 980 processor to advance AI scene optimization to video capture. The AI Portrait Color Retention feature implements real-time recognition of portrait outlines, retaining only the color of the person's subject and black and whiteing the background all together to achieve something similar to


Great film effects effects.

Huawei Mate

20 Pro is the combination of AI algorithms and the front 3D structured light camera to achieve 3D bionic imaging, which can quickly capture the doll's appearance characteristics and simulate the silly body movements, making the doll instantly come to life, bringing an immersive AR interactive experience, a feature Yu also showed to everyone at the launch.

It's safe to say that the Kirin 980 processor's powerful AI arithmetic ensures its dominance in the mobile SoC world. In the post-meeting interview Yu also said: the future of artificial intelligence will be further enhanced with the support of machine speech, machine recognition, big data and cloud services. After the arrival of 5G, the further integration of the AR and VR areas of artificial intelligence with 5G will allow

Intelligent terminals

The ability to further enhance future technological development may turn many things of science fiction imagination into reality, and future technological development is unlimited.

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