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Cool OLED Display 12-Button Programming High Performance Leiper VT900 Gaming Mouse Review

As one of the few companies in China that have made a name for themselves in computer peripherals, I've been using Leiper's keyboards and mice and have been feeling good about them. I'm using the Leiper 8100 set and everything has been working fine for a few years now and is in use. Personally, I'm still on board with the Rebel brand. The inseparable killer feature of the national brand is the superb price/performance ratio, the goods are still cheap and the quality is okay. What reason is there to refuse as a nation!

In this single market of mouse, to survive, not just by cool appearance can be successful, appearance, feel, accuracy, flexibility, cost performance, which point is weak, will be immediately replaced. Not only does the Reebok Gaming Premium Series VT900 meet these points, but it is also highly personalized. With 12 keys programmable and a very personal OLED display.

The internal packaging is still relatively simple, with a kraft shell simple suite dividing them up. Surprisingly there was a big surprise, a rather geeky little box, and VT900 mouse, manual. The small box with great personality is actually a storage box for the mouse counterweight block.

Mouse details.

The mouse has a nominal weight of 135g and my actual weighing shows 156g. You may ask why there is such a big difference, the nominal weight of the product does not actually include the cable, hence the difference. And with a weight of 135g, the mouse is light and flexible or a bit bulky for the user's use. It probably just varies from person to person. For me that weight would require some counterweight in use to make it work.

The counterweight block storage little black box has that little hint of an ammo box in its design. There are a total of six 30g counterweight blocks inside, which means that if all of them are installed, they are able to add 180g of weight to the mouse. I don't know if this kind of weight is manageable for enthusiast gaming users. The 30g per piece counterweight is really convenient for the user's freedom of choice as well.

The usb cable of the mouse is about 1.5m long and the cable is protected by a high strength fabric to ensure that it will not be damaged by abrasion during long dragging use, and the tensile strength of the cable is increased. USB gold-plated plugs high-end products look and feel, good contact effectively ensure the reliable application of the mouse.

I was curious to compare the shape, but when you compare some other gaming mice, they are actually somewhat similar. Because everything changes with the mouse, it ultimately comes back to the essential control of mouse operation. Besides, the Rebel VT900 has so much more going for it. The mouse as a whole adopts a right-tilt design with high left and low right, which is in line with human operating habits and can effectively avoid wrist fatigue caused by long-time operation.

The left and right home keys and back material are made different from the material used for the other keys, and the home keys and back material are made with a frosted finish for enhanced tactile feel and comfortable grip. The other buttons are treated differently and inlaid to give the mouse an overall beautiful and personalized look.

The mouse left and right thumb rest position, using 3D embossed texture processing, slightly forced a few, so that the fingers and the mouse more closely combined, grip feel a higher level, beautiful at the same time can also play a non-slip role.

The 30g counterweight block is also quite easy to install, just install it in the corresponding notch and you are done. I believe the proper addition of counterweight blocks should make the approach to the game scenario quite solid, and it should be much easier to eat chicken.

Mouse use.

The internal controls of the Leiper VT900 gaming mouse use the very professional PMW3389 gaming sensor, the precision positioning of the mouse is accurate and the gaming plus is very powerful. The cool lighting effects are refracted through the middle button and back logo from, quite a nice touch. With the specially developed driver, the light flows beautifully.

With the specially developed setup software from Leiper, the mouse can be set up in a variety of personalized ways. The best feature of the mouse, the hidden OLED screen, not only can display the current operating DPI value of the mouse, but also can be personalized through the software to set the display content, you can customize the pattern or text, very interesting.

The software is very rich in settings, including the CPI value of the mouse, the speed of the pointer, the OLED screen settings, the customization of individual buttons, the lighting settings, the macro settings, etc. And you can save 5 different sets of configurations separately and upload the configuration settings to the cloud for safekeeping. What configuration is needed will simply be software switched at that time to suit the operational needs of different scenarios.

The mouse button customization is very convenient in practice, especially for gaming applications and its power, many operations are able to be performed on the mouse. As a gaming mouse. Leiper's performance in this area is quite satisfying.

Review Summary.

The Rayburn VT900 gaming mouse, in all respects, can be said to be no less than top-notch, and Rayburn has really given a lot of technical support in him. The feel, operation, functionality, and appearance are all not bad. But no one is perfect, and there are still some details that need improvement. For example.

1, the light distribution of the middle key, slightly above the angle, the light directly out is a little harsh. It should be set to the right of the center button or incorporate a shade design.

2, the mouse is still a little big, my hand grip is slightly on the large side. It's a little forced for users with slightly smaller hands.

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