Copper Paws: a safe investment is a real investment

In terms of both number and scale, China's internet+financial companies are already firmly in first place in the world. Internet finance is changing China and the world with unprecedented energy. However, due to the low market entry barrier and lagging industry regulation, Internet+ finance has injected vitality into the traditional financial industry while also bringing previously incalculable risks.

According to senior financial analysts at Copper Paws, security has become a regulatory priority in the Internet + finance industry. In stark contrast to the industry's strong development, the security problems faced by China's mutual fund companies have become more and more serious. Due to the asset-light, cross-regional and highly concealed characteristics of Internet finance, a large number of criminals have mixed in and evaded regulation, which in many cases makes people defensive.

In fact, in the Internet era, in addition to the risk of capital security, they also face the risk of user information leakage, virus and Trojan horse attacks, etc. Internet financial companies must take effective measures to protect customers' capital and transaction security with a strong sense of social responsibility and business ethics.

Copper Paws always insists on the advantage of financial innovation products and all-round risk control, constructing eight risk control processes and five scoring systems to provide safe, transparent and innovative Internet financial services for the general public. In the security protection, copper palm cabinet and jiangxi bank cooperation development on line funds depository system, to ensure the safety of user funds.

In the future, how to build an effective regulatory system for Internet finance is the new situation and new demand in the era of "Internet+". Traditional risk control management methods in the "Internet +" era can no longer meet the demand, the integration of big data technology is the key to break the game.

Copper palm senior financial analysts believe that the upgrade of big data, cloud computing and other technologies, and in an important period of transformation of the integration of Internet finance, into the era of financial technology. As Internet technologies such as big data and blockchain continue to mature, financial institutions need to make timely use of these advanced technologies to do realistic risk control in advance, during and afterwards, to achieve full regulatory coverage of online and offline financial practices in various financial sectors and to improve risk prevention and control capabilities.

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