Could the age of blockchain replace centralized social platforms?

While these social platforms can provide users with communication interaction, But for their own profit, They are not just for individual users, The same goes for a large number of advertisers, If after obtaining information about user preferences, Targeted Push Ads; Collecting user information from time to time、 dynamic (science), and disaggregated analysis; Online content has no intellectual property rights to speak of, Republished at will, etc.。 These operations, Especially in the last few years, the mobile Internet has been growing at an extremely fast pace, Constantly criticized, It even provoked a great deal of questioning and thinking。

Blockchain technology shows some promise for everyone。 with“ decentralization” harmony“ encryption algorithm” The blockchain, which is known for its widespread use in the industry, has been gradually, So many people also set their sights on“ blockchain+ socialize” upper。 So how to understand blockchain-enabled social networks?

Using Blockchain Distributed Technology to Build a New Social Platform, For the user, It is a disintermediated social networking platform, Peer-to-peer trusted peer-to-peer social platform, On such a platform, Users can control their own data。

Tel Aviv, IsraelSynereo The company has then created a peer-to-peer social networking platform through blockchain technology。 It can't record、 Store any personal information, Nor does it push precise ads to users。Synereo Social networking platforms let users run nodes on their own devices to access the network, Point-to-point real-time interconnection, User information is stored in encrypted form on the network node, Form a distribution cloud, The data can only be viewed by those who have the secret key。Synereo founders ofDor Konforty There has been an emphasis on creating a“ Social networks that don't cash in by harvesting user information”。

definitely, Blockchain-enabled social networking platforms are not only about controlling your own data, It's more about creating value while being social。

Blockchain's content social platform, Not too different from traditional Internet social networking platforms in terms of content format, The only point of difference worth noting lies in the application of blockchain technology, And the application of this technology is not only in privacy、 In addition to safeguards for security, etc., It also introduces users totoken This value voucher, I've got a solution!token, The various types of user actions can be more closely related to“ value” There's the connection.。

mentioned aboveSynereo web, While communicating with each other peer-to-peer in real time, Then users are compensated for their storage and arithmetic contributions, Rewards will also be offered to users who create and maintain content。 Send messages between users in this social network、 Post an article、 Post a picture、 Send video, It's all done peer-to-peer, Users can also post content for a fee, and throughAMP( Local Cryptocurrency) charge。

Decentralized social media platforms are alsoYours, It focuses on being a social media platform for bitcoin-based content creators。Yours ofslogan Explain everything.——Yours is a way to earn money by creating or discovering good content.( You are responsible for creating or discovering good content,Yours Responsible for helping you make money for cash)。Yours developersSteven Mckie had written: The Internet itself is the network,Yours of peer-to-peer networks is based on the Internet as a large network, It allows all other web content to cash in。 but (not)Yours Platforms give full control of content to users themselves, Users can create channels, Access to creative income。

nowadays, We live in an age of high speed information and data centricity, The masses' dependence on social networks is no longer divisible, But at the same time, Information security threats from social networks are also on the rise。 It is because of these, blockchain+ The emergence of social platforms was only pinned on being able to address the privacy concerns of users in、 Expectations on several pain points in intellectual property protection and freedom of expression。

The previously mentionedSynereo creatorDor Konforty Very optimistic about the future of blockchain social networks, He believes that due to the peer-to-peer nature of blockchain social networks, Users can be more free、 more relaxed、 More at your fingertips, More than a centralized platform。

indeed, nowadays“ blockchain+ socialize” of various project applications is still in its infancy, Both reward and punishment mechanisms and operational models are being explored、 In progress。 The blockchain industry itself is also still in its infancy of development, If people just want to make a profit from it, Using all sorts of speculative tactics to scam tokens, but ignore the social itself、 Nature of Content, Then this is going to be this“ Blockchaining Social Platforms” Challenges that have to be faced seriously。

For the future will the shift to blockchaining social platforms be further optimized or just as“ false proposition”?“ blockchain+ Social networking platforms” Is it possible to completely replace centralized social platforms, These are questions that Boo thinks we should leave to time to answer。

Article reprinted from Chaintech

authors/ Bronc Finance

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