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Creative Winter Break with the Creator Cats

Winter Vacation Assignment for Troncats

Cat Easy Coding - New Gupeng Children's Programming Works Experience

For people

Creative teenagers aged 7 to 12

Since 2015, the Ministry of Education has been a strong supporter of artificial intelligence programming classes

So what is the unique appeal of the national approach to programming education for children that the state has been promoting?

Where is the starting line that kids have been catching up on?

What will happen when children's unbridled creativity meets the programming that creates everything?

Can kids make programming pieces that are also fun and useful?

To answer this question, the Cats Made Easy creator cats have made some very interesting "winter break assignments" this winter break!

This weekend, let's explore the future together in a wonderfully colorful children's programming production!

List of Works

Run for the Count.

Introduction: Shaun the sheep is in a race with his friends, come and help him to win! Secretly, the better you are at counting, the more likely you are to help the lamb win!

The Vanishing Number

INTRODUCTION: Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, has recently discovered something strange. There's a book where the numbers always disappear somehow. To solve the mystery, he needs someone very observant to help him catch the disappearing number! Would you like to come and help him?

Survival of the Pigeon Island

INTRODUCTION: Robin the Explorer takes a hot air balloon ride over an island. Unexpectedly surrounded by a flock of pigeons, come and help Robin out! Understanding speed and acceleration makes it easier to pass yo!

The Blessing of the Sunflower

Introduction: Legend has it that there is a land filled with sunflowers that dance in the sun. People who come here can become celestial gods who manipulate the sun. And, if you're loud enough, a miracle might happen!

The Hundred Tone Magic Piano

Introduction: This is a magical magic piano that can make the sound of various instruments, and it is said that he has a hidden mysterious button. The clever person who finds this button can have the genie in the lyre play a tune of her choice for you.

The Dancing Magic Carpet

Introduction: Legend has it that there is a magical carpet on which those who stand on it will always dance to music. Whenever a warrior successfully completes a tune, they are recognized by the magic carpet and receive a special gift.

The Sitting Posture Correction Cat

Intro: remember the correct way to sit? What is the best way to correct the habit of hunching over? Let this meow help you!

The Universal Handle

Introducing: this was originally a handle that could operate everything. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it's now only easy to use

The Smart House

Introducing: a mansion that uses the first floor hall as a garage! Yet the most power-efficient induction device was installed. Was the owner of the mansion extravagant and wasteful or frugal? I'll leave it to you to judge!

Cat easy to edit

Focusing on children's programming education, we are committed to building the leading children's programming brand in China, and we aspire to let 10 million Chinese youths master the language to talk to the future artificial intelligence society

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