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Ctrip CEO Sun Jie invited to meet with UK Prime Minister to reveal first details of partnership with Skywatch

Original title: Ctrip CEO Sun Jie invited to meet with British Prime Minister, reveals details of cooperation with Skywatch for the first time

Xinjing News Express (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) This morning (February 2), Ctrip CEO Sun Jie was invited to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May and briefed her on Ctrip's achievements in Sino-British cooperation, and disclosed for the first time the details of Ctrip's cooperation with Skywatch.

"The UK is one of the most popular travel destinations for Chinese tourists on the Ctrip platform." During the talks, Sun Jie introduced that Ctrip will have more innovations in technology to meet the full range of needs of domestic and international tourists, including those from the UK.

In late 2016, Ctrip acquired Skyscanner, the world's leading airline flight search engine based in Scotland, UK, in a 12 billion yuan deal, which became one of the paths for Ctrip to accelerate its globalization process.

At the time, this attracted a lot of attention from British dignitaries and the media. During talks with Theresa May, Ctrip revealed details of its partnership with Skywatch for the first time. According to the introduction, Ctrip currently spends a heavy investment in ABC, A is artificial intelligence (AI), B is big data (Big Data), C is cloud computing (Cloud Computing). "All three will be great weapons for us as we continue to expand overseas."

In this regard, Theresa May told Sun Jie that she was glad to see that the cooperation between the two sides showed a "win-win" situation and hoped that Ctrip could use its experience to help more British tourism enterprises to develop better.

Edited by Jiao-Ying Wu, Xiaolin Wang, Proofread by Li-Qin Guo

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