"Curiosity Daily" was interviewed! Shanghai and Beijing's Internet Information Office ordered them to suspend updates for in-depth rectification

On August 2, under the guidance of the State Internet Information Office, the Shanghai Internet Information Office and the Beijing Internet Information Office jointly interviewed the person in charge of Curiosity Daily, ordering it to stop its illegal activities and immediately carry out a comprehensive and in-depth rectification, in response to Curiosity Daily's unauthorized long-term engagement in Internet news and information services, the opening of original news columns and the formation of a "news editorial team".

The relevant officials of the Shanghai Internet Information Office and the Beijing Internet Information Office pointed out that Curiosity Daily had violated the relevant national Internet laws and regulations, and had irregularly self-collected and reprinted news information without obtaining the qualification of Internet news information services, disrupting the order of online information dissemination and causing a bad impact on the online public opinion ecology.

The Shanghai Internet Information Office and the Beijing Internet Information Office have requested Curiosity Daily to carry out a one-month comprehensive rectification in accordance with the Network Security Law, the Administrative Regulations on Internet News and Information Services and other laws and regulations, and during the rectification period (August 3 to September 2), Curiosity Daily's website and apps were suspended from updating content, several accounts on Weibo and WeChat were banned, and the Curiosity Daily app was removed from app stores. At the same time, according to the results of the preliminary enforcement investigation, the Shanghai Internet Information Office made a penalty decision to fine Shanghai Pepper Culture Communication Co.

The person in charge of "Curiosity Daily" said he would strictly implement the management requirements of the Internet information department, carry out thorough rectification, and ensure legal compliance in the operation of services.

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