Cybersecurity on campus to be a good and civilized member

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In order to further strengthen the awareness of youth network safety laws and regulations and create a safe, healthy and civilized network environment, on September 21, Linyi Lanshan Primary School carried out the network safety education theme activity of "Network Safety on Campus and Strive to Be a Good Civilized Player".

The school educated its members on cyber security by conducting cyber security themed team meetings, watching the live video of "Youth Day" of Shandong Province Cyber Security Awareness Week, and signing autographs as a group.


Through the activity, the team members gained a clear understanding of some basic online traps and improved their awareness of fraud prevention, as well as the dangers of Internet addiction. During the class meeting, the squadron counselor teacher also gave the players the task of collecting some short stories related to internet safety on the internet and telling them to spread the word with the group. On the banner of "Internet Safety on Campus, Be a Civilized Team Member", the team members have put pen to paper and signed a solemn commitment to consciously abide by the National Youth Network Civilization Convention and be a civilized team member.

The activity was carried out to enhance the players' awareness of network security, promote the core socialist values, and make the network more likely to send out good voices and spread positive energy.

Player Perceptions.

Jussiyu: We should improve our self-control, correct our motivation to go online, and make more use of the beneficial aspects of the Internet for us.

Zhang Xintong: Start now, learn self-discipline and be civilized online.

Li Wei: In daily life, you should focus more on your studies, find friendships in reality, do more outdoor activities that are good for your body and mind, and not indulge in the virtual online world.

Li Anping: to use the computer as a tool and not as a toy. You can look up information and read the news online, but never, ever play games online.

Editor of this issue: Zhang Zhaoquan

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