DOLO Game Development Record Migration

The progress of the dolo won't be posted down to this public after that, so I'll come back and advertise when the dolo is done.

The reason for this is that this progress is supposed to be written for myself, but the mechanism for sending it down makes me feel as if I'm reporting on it, which is irritating.

While I might not be able to keep going without posting the progress, this feeling of being thought I'm pushing it, to prove something, is much harder.

For example if you go to the square and feed the pigeons for an afternoon and then go back in the evening. If this isn't posted on social media, then does the pigeon feeding thing not exist? And if you post social networks, does that make your purpose of going to the square to feed the pigeons to be there just to post social networks? So essentially, are you feeding the pigeons or posting to social networks?

This confusion of whether the chicken or the egg came first is annoying me, and although, the tweets are not much read, I will remove as much personal shredding as possible from this public site afterwards, after all, the public site is still always dominated by personal shredding, and the development progress of dolo falls under shredding.

"Dolo, let's say goodbye to everyone for a short while~

"Who is everyone, but you? 』


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