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The difference from 3.7 is that the entire flow is through, adding transitions, skill switching, card consumption, terrain distribution, and character information display.

Also the effects, the particle system and trailing introduced, work well.

Used to actually be a bit resistant to all this engine (external) dependent stuff. It's like if you accept these 'outside forces', then the game isn't made by itself.

That feeling, kind of like in the eyes of a rookie, that the reason the master is actually good at painting is that his painting tools are good, and that if you just squeeze in a little time and buy the same tools he has, you can paint as well as he does ......

A tool is always just a tool, or actually an 『increaser』, a person with strength 1 gets a tool of x10 and the output is 1x10 works, while a person with strength 10 gets a tool of x10 and the output can't be just 10 as well, right?

A rookie gets a drawing AI and can draw at a master level, so do you think a master gets a drawing AI or can only draw at a master level? Not to mention could the maker of the AI that allows a rookie to draw at a master level be a drawing rookie? There is simply no need to wonder who is better served by such tools.

Once you figure that out, you feel ridiculous about what you used to think. At least no longer resist the convenience that external forces bring to you. Actually, it used to be just to prove that 'I can hand-jump a game out even without the help of an engine', but what's the point?

There's a fair amount of firepower so far, so hopefully DOLO won't go into that abandoned folder.

One drum is a good idea and then a bad one.

A guy who has to work out and one day suddenly feels like he's been working pretty hard lately and could use a break. Then, first day off, second day off ...... Day n off ...... Waiting for the day when you've finally had enough rest and have the whim to start the fitness cycle again ...... But that's been thirty days of sunning the net after three days of fighting fish.

The worst part is that even if you start again, you quickly give up the next time.

The non-stop repetition of this pointless fish-out-of-water process can be a moment of peace of mind if you can fool yourself into thinking that you are fulfilled during the intermittent fitness cycle.

The biggest fear is that one quickly realizes that this process is pointless except to force oneself to waste time, rather than to let go ......

Day after day Sisyphus pushed a stone that would never reach the top of the mountain, and the gods thought there could be no harsher punishment than to perform this ineffective and hopeless labor.

Habits are terrible.

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