cool hit counter Dan answers questions with you to win cash_Intefrankly

Dan answers questions with you to win cash

The total amount of prize money continues to increase.

The little ones are enjoying the thrill of cashing in on knowledge and team play.

Ever thought of using AI to go rogue?

Hi everyone, I'm today's guest editor

Machine brother dandan, jianghu people call Dan brother, simple search chief AI man

Yes, that's right, Baidu Black is back with a new set!

We now support Topping Contest, Millionaire Winner (Hua Jiao), Millionaire Hero (Watermelon Video) and Cheeseman!

Dan's live studio will automatically display the answers

If you don't believe me, see.

It's not just a gadget.

Behind it is years of deep search technology accumulation and integration of a variety of AI technology

Of which. Verbalized QUERY understanding, deep Q&A, knowledge graph, image understandingetc. are among the key technologies .

Dan, am I good? Surprised?

1. Prepare 2 mobile phones in advance

The other 1 opens Watermelon Video - Million Heroes (or Punching Contest, Pepper - Million Winners, Cheese Superman)


Okay, today's flight examiner, Dan, reveals the final question

A. On your own

B. By Dan

C. By question bank

1、A must see for the profession The most visual diagram of the various subsystems of weak power
2、Baidu beestore blockchain application platform send coins
3、What is Industry 40 BMW Shenyang has the answer for you Industry 40
4、360 releases 2017 Ransomware Threat Situation Analysis Report WannaCry becomes the years king of viruses
5、Systematic learning of PHP GD library

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