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Data analysts are best not to work for more than five years

This one is written for you who are already data analysts (data analysts here are business analysts/product analysts/business analysts/growth hackers, not including algorithms, big data engineers)

There is a career path for anyone working in any industry - after all, any industry is pyramidal, with the most people at the junior level and fewer people getting to the top. This is when it is important for you in the workplace to understand the experience of the industry you are working in and allow yourself what kind of future career you have, and the same is true for data analysts. The career path for data analytics is a bit unusual, the

First of all data analyst is a position that has been created only in the last decade, ten years ago there were those who did data analysis, but they were doing it on the side, in the last decade because of the prevalence of the Internet and big data, big data analysts have only started to be common. In the original system data analyst career path seems to be blank , data analyst then up is the data director, and then what? Seems to be gone, the programmer up is architecture, architecture then up is the director, the director then up is a multi-million a year CTO. And the career path for data analysts is not so clear, I have a friend who has been a data analyst for eight years and is annoyed that his future path can only go out and start a business other than moving up a level to be a data director. The understanding is that even if he jumps, his salary has been within a stated rate and there is no way to move up. He kept warning me that data analysts make it to year five and have to think about their career plans for the next ten years or you become very reactive.

Back to myself, having been a data analyst for 5 years now, by the time I reached director, I should have been very happy, by all rights, but in reality, I wasn't. Because I reached the ceiling, check the data positions in the market, there is no longer higher than the director position, except for a very few companies creating a CIO. After 5 years of working on the underlying data technology, the Director of Data Analytics is somehow at the apex of that path. After I had solidified my foundation, I desperately needed to raise my height and breadth, because that's how I could become a crossroads type of person. So after much consideration, I switched to consulting. The mental state of going from a managed team leader, who could have rested on his laurels, or tossing and turning back into a patsy, has me excited, my brain is developed to the max, reading a company a week, understanding a whole new industry a week. The pressure of this rapid learning can only be felt by doing the consulting.

The above is my career path from data analyst to consulting.

As a career professional who has been working in the data analytics industry, I would like to give you a summary of the following four possible future paths of development for data analysts.

Continue to work in data analysis and in turn lead a team and become a manager.

Taking this route is the easiest and hardest path. I say it is easy because it is relatively simple to take this route, you just need to do your current job at the same time, more to develop your management skills, and then wait for the opportunity; I say it is difficult because this path is really a thousand horses crossing a one-way bridge, and sometimes even according to seniority. The main reason for this is that companies tend to prefer to promote managers internally, and often people who make it to management positions are less inclined to change jobs, so staying up and waiting for a position becomes inevitable. Of course, if you can build a team from scratch, that's another story.

Data consultant

The consulting industry is hard work, but the pay is good, and the travel suits and airline hotels are more classy. The consulting industry, as a service output industry, is still very demanding in terms of data, which assumes that the opportunities themselves are numerous. So if you come with experience in data analysis and industry background, many consulting firms are willing to open their doors. If you want to enter the consulting industry in the future, then in addition to a better understanding of the industry and data analysis, you need to be prepared for a number of other things: for example, PPT writing skills, good communication skills, ability to write documents, reporting skills, etc. After all, the most colorful part of a consulting project is in the documents submitted and the presentation to the leaders. If you lack such soft skills, then you will only serve as a screw-up in the consulting industry. (a) In the consulting industry, which is sailing against the current, it is very dangerous not to move forward steadily.

Enter the business sector and become a business specialist/general manager.

Often times, some business unit specialists need to have a strong sense of data analysis and even hands-on skills. In particular, departments such as operations, sales, and inspections can generate significant value through data analysis. And as a data analyst by trade, you are innately equipped to have that advantage. If you can subsequently strengthen your understanding of the company's business and develop your business skills, then moving into the business sector can undoubtedly be of great value to you.

Become the CIO or even the COO of your company

It's the best road, and the hardest road. Because to get on this path, in addition to the opportunities you need, you need to have the skills you need to grow in all three of these directions at the same time. Sensitivity to data, technical mastery, business understanding, communication and presentation skills, networking, etc. are all integral to your ability to become a COO.

Of course, the choice of each path needs to be a combination of your current state, your own wishes and the characteristics of the company and industry you work in. Finally, whichever path you choose, plan well and work towards your goal one step at a time. You may not end up being able to reach your goal, but the scenery along the way will certainly not disappoint you either.

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