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Design and application of hospital microsoft reporting system

Introduction. With the continuous development of hospital business, the number of computer equipment used in various departments of the hospital has increased dramatically, and the resulting equipment failure problems have become more and more prominent. The traditional way to report a problem is basically to fill in a report form by phone or on the webpage, which can easily cause problems such as missed calls or untimely reports and delayed processing and difficult to track, thus affecting normal clinical front-line business. To study the optimization of computer equipment reporting process based on WeChat public platform and develop WeChat QR code reporting system, so as to improve the service level of hospital computer room maintenance and increase the satisfaction of clinical medical workers to computer administrators.

With the promotion of office automation, computer applications and network applications, computer failures and network failures are increasing, and the traditional backward reporting method has gradually become a bottleneck in the development of medical equipment reporting and maintenance technology, therefore, it is urgent to explore an effective and reasonable management method to solve the problems of increasing failures, untimely reporting and lagging processing in the process of computer applications.

WeChat is a free application launched by Tencent in 2011 to provide instant messaging services for smart terminals. WeChat has gradually become an innovative way of life and work, providing a new "intelligent" way of working for the medical industry and helping to transform the traditional mode of operation of hospitals to mobile Internet. At present, China's WeChat-based mobile medical care is still in the primary development stage, and there are about 2,000 kinds of mobile medical apps that have been applied online. With the popularization of the application of WeChat public platform in medical life, the QR code reporting system based on WeChat public platform becomes a new development direction of computer equipment management and will be a major super trend of hospital hardware information management; it helps to optimize the reporting process, shorten the reporting maintenance cycle, and improve the equipment utilization rate, thus improving the service level and clinical efficiency of hospital computer room maintenance, and also improving the satisfaction of clinical medical workers with computer administrators.

Demand analysis

The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a large comprehensive Chinese hospital, one of the important bases for clinical education, medical treatment and scientific research of higher Chinese hospitals in China, with 2,200 beds in medical establishment and 41 clinical departments. The medical business continues to grow each year, with outpatient and emergency visits exceeding 3 million and inpatient admissions exceeding 50,000 annually. The number of equipment purchased to improve clinical care and efficiency is rising; with the frequent use of instruments and equipment, there has been a significant increase in equipment failures and reported repairs. The traditional backward equipment reporting and maintenance management process inevitably affects the normal clinical front-line treatment business of the hospital. While WeChat has long been widely popular among medical and nursing staff, the WeChat public platform provides a new and effective way to solve the problem of hospital computer equipment reporting. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a mobile, intelligent platform based on the WeChat public platform that integrates reporting, receiving and processing, feedback, statistical analysis and decision support.

Functional analysis

The management process of microsoft reporting is very different compared to the traditional reporting model. The system leverages the WeChat open platform as a business connection [?] The portal realizes user management, section management, equipment management, fault type management, feedback management, comprehensive statistical analysis of faults and other functions. Not only does it enable real-time reporting of problems anytime and anywhere, it also makes it easy for users to track the status and progress of their equipment reports. Analyze different causes of failure of various equipment and provide decision support to computer equipment managers for purchasing equipment.

Software and hardware requirements

Typical C/S network architecture model, software: based on SQL Server 2000 database, using Visual Studio 2010 as the development platform, programming language JAVA, VBSCRIPT, ASP; hardware: two servers, one as a Web Server server, one for the database server.

Key Interface Technologies

WeChat interface development and public platform messaging interface provides a new way for developers to handle messages. After the public platform user submits the information, the WeChat server will send a GET request to the filled URL and the developer checks the request by examining the signature. If you confirm that this GET request comes from the WeChat server, please return the content of the echostr parameter as is, then the access will take effect, otherwise the access will fail.

When a normal WeChat user interacts with the server side through the public platform, the data packets are passed in XML format. The main data structures include: text message, image message, geolocation message, link message, event push, reply text message, etc. The text message and image message structures are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Text message and picture message structure

Implementation and testing

Figure 2 WeChat report trouble running interface

Taking the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine as the research background, we develop the information management system of computer equipment two-dimensional code reporting management based on WeChat public platform according to the law of hospital computer equipment reporting and the requirements of hospital information construction. The system is simple and convenient to operate, stable and reliable, and operates well. It realizes mobile and full network management for the whole process of computer equipment repair reporting, which achieves the purpose of system design and usage requirements, indirectly promotes the efficiency of clinical medical work, and also provides data and decision support for the information management and procurement of hospital equipment maintenance.

Journal of Chinese Digital Medicine, Vol. 05, 2018, Author and Affiliation:Li Sheng, Hu Dongfa, Zhang Yudong, Lin Qi, Li Senyuan, He Jiajia, Peng Jun, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

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