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Design and implementation of an archival system based on ASP.NET

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In our daily work and life, we produce all kinds of data and archival materials every day, which record the development of human society and are the material and spiritual wealth of human progress, and it is crucial to preserve and utilize these archival materials better.

File management is cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the construction needs of each unit vary, as do the services provided to the public. The original approach to records management resulted in high staffing levels and inefficient records management. Establish a set of archives management software with rigorous planning, science and standardization to realize the improvement of archives management efficiency and finding accuracy and the speed of archives retrieval, which makes archives management more standardized and formalized. It will also improve unit management and reduce employment costs, and improve the efficiency of internal management.


ASP. NET technology

ASP.NETis used to develop dynamicHTML The page's new.NET framework, Makes developing applications easy and fast, Developers insert the control into the form and run it server-side, Generate for display theHTML code, Also adaptable to different browsers。 use ASP. NET technology Has many advantages, Examples are as follows:

1.Improve access speed. Each time a user opens a page compiled using an ASP program, the program needs to be compiled and interpreted before it can be opened, making it slow and a poor user experience. Pages compiled with ASP.NET programs are compiled once and can be opened directly when the page is opened again, without recompilation and with improved access speed.

2.With database components such as Datagrid provided by ADO.NET, ASP.NET can contact the database directly, while ASP does not provide any components that output data as content.

3.ASP. NET supports real-time updates. Users can update files while the program is running without stopping the application, making software maintenance easier and more convenient. The system automatically switches to the new version when the application is updated.


Overall design

1. Overall architecture design

ASP.NET-based archival filing system structure has the versatility, scalability, efficiency and application security to meet the user to adjust the system accordingly to the changes of their work situation and reduce the maintenance of the program code. The system provides a superior performance build model for records management. The archive archiving system is based on B/S model, the background database uses SQL Server 2008, the system is built in the client is Win 7 operating system, the server operating system uses Windows 2012 Server, the development tool is ASP.NET, and also uses the distributed document storage technology under cloud storage to store archive data, and supports any browser to log in the system.

2 、Functional module design

This system is designed and developed to solve the problem of low efficiency in preserving and searching the original archival materials. After entering the system, users can create new files, manage file information, apply for review of file information, apply for filing of file information, etc. The system also provides auxiliary functions such as object management, statistical inquiry, system management, and form download. The system can be used by several users at the same time, so the design needs to be functional and the interface should be user-friendly. The overall functional module design idea is shown in the figure.

3. Database design

Database design refers to the construction of an optimal database schema for a given application environment, and the establishment of a database and its application system that can effectively store data and can meet the application needs of various users. The system is developed and managed using SQL Server 2008 database software. Combined with the data requirements of archive filing system, this system designs archive management classification table, object management classification table, leader inquiry table, statistical inquiry table, system management table, basic data management table, form download table, and personal center management table.



This topic is based on the current situation of a unit team archive construction, using object-oriented thinking, using ASP.NET technology to develop a complete archival filing system, the system is developed based on B/S mode, the background database using SQL Server 2008, using distributed document storage technology under cloud storage to store archival data. The system structure is universal, scalable, efficient and application-safe to meet the requirements of users to make corresponding adjustments to the program functions according to the changes in their own working conditions, so that the system can meet the needs of various changes to the maximum extent and reduce the maintenance of the program code. Through this system, users can enter the original paper files into the system by means of overhead camera or scanning, establish a scientific audit and management system, facilitate users to find archival history information, and improve the efficiency of archival utilization.


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