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Difference between get and post methods

The method property provides two values in the form form for submitting data: get, post, and by default the get method [cf. 1]

I.e. one for get submit and one for post submit. So what's the difference between these two submission methods?

After checking some information, the summary is as follows.

1.intrinsic quality

Get is a request to the server for data, while Post is a request to the server to submit data

2.Server-side method for getting values

Data submitted by get method, server side using request. QueryString to get the value of a variable

For data submitted by post, the server side uses request. Form gets the data

The get method is less secure, the post method is more secure. But the post method is less efficient than the get method.

4.machine processed

getis to add the parameter data queue to the submission form'saction attribute referred to by theURL in, as if:。 (located) atURl in, The value corresponds to each of the form's South Day fields, And these are inURl visible to the user in, i.e., visible to the user when。 as if:name=hongten。

The post is an HTTP post mechanism that transfers the fields of the form together with their contents in an HTML HEADER to the URL address indicated by the action attribute, which is transparent to the user.


There is no parameter cap on URLs, and the HTTP protocol specification does not impose a limit on URL length. This restriction is specific to the browser and the server on which it is placed. IE has a limit on URL length of 2083 bytes (2K+35). For other browsers, such as Netscape, FireFox, etc., there is theoretically no length limit; the limit depends on the operating system support.

Theoretically, there is no size limit for POST, and the HTTP protocol specification does not have a size limit, so it is not accurate to say that there is a size limit of 80K/100K for POST data, there is no limit for POST data, and the limit is the processing power of the server's handler.

For ASP programs, there is a 100K data length limit for the Request object to process each form field. BinaryRead, however, does not have this limitation if you use Request.

Extending out from this, for IIS 6.0, Microsoft has increased the restrictions for security reasons. We also need to note that.

1). IIS 6.0 defaults to a maximum of 200KB of ASP POST data, with a limit of 100KB per form field. 2). The default maximum file size for IIS 6.0 uploads is 4MB. 3). The default maximum request header for IIS 6.0 is 16KB. These restrictions were not present before IIS 6.0. [cf. 2]

To sum up.

The security of the one:get method is less than the post method, so it is easier to use the post data submission method if it contains some important information

two:When doing query statistics, it is better to use get method; and when doing data add, modify or delete operations, it is recommended to use post data submission method


1.Hypertext Transfer Protocol--HTTP/1.1

2.IIS 6.0 Troubleshooting

For more information.

A brief discussion of the difference between Get and Post in HTTP

Analysis of two length limit problems (from the project)

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