Differences and links between domain name registration and domain name NS management

After registering a domain name it involves domain name resolution, domain name acceleration, and Domain NS records And so on for many operations, the more newbies you come in contact with, the more the Weiss Blog feels the need to popularize the connection and difference between domain registration and domain management. Because many novices do not understand these concepts, this leads to many problems in practice that could have been avoided.

For example, the netizen registered a domain name in namesilo, and then went to siteground to buy a web host of, intends to build a foreign trade website. Then this is when you have to be careful to distinguish the properties of the domain name. It's this piece of the attribution concept of attributes that is not well understood and leads to all sorts of strange problems for newbies.

1. Domain name ownership

Domains registered with namesilo, the domain name is owned by you after payment. At this point you have the power to transfer the domain name to another domain registration merchant, and the average domain merchant will only pay for a year's worth of domain names to be transferred. This is the domain paid transfer piece of property.

2、Domain name management rights

After the registration of the domain name management rights in namesilo, here said domain name management rights is also the domain name NS records, also called NameServer, domain name NS, NS management, the following screenshot has three addresses, the general use of two is enough.

The domain management rights operation is also known as domain name resolution, which means adding modifying deleting A records, Cname records, MX records, etc.

For example, say you need to transfer domain administration to siteground. Just change Namesilo's NameServer address to siteground's (go to the official website backend and look for it), and after that NS management will be in siteground. That means the domain management is in the hands of whoever you put the NS record in. It has nothing to do with where you register to pay for a domain name, it doesn't happen. You can buy a domain name from house A and manage domain resolution from house B.

Tip: Note that some hosts provide domain name management functions, such as domestic Ali cloud, Tencent cloud, foreign Siteground (the use of cpanel is a host management panel of great popularity at home and abroad, comes with domain name management functions), Linode, Bluehost, etc., while some host businesses do not provide domain name management rights, such as foreign Vultr, moving tile work, etc..

I do not know if the above so clear, many new friends is because of this relationship did not understand, there will always be such and such a variety of small problems, resulting in domain names and space binding is not smooth. And there are very few people willing to answer such basic knowledge type questions when you go to a group and ask for advice. Because the more basic the question, the easier everyone thinks it is. I hope that this article will help newcomers to understand more clearly the knowledge points about this aspect of domain attributes.

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