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Differential localization based on mesh networks

Ltd. is a fast networking communication product based on high-speed switching broadband wireless technology. The A1N5600-SRM13 wireless device is a wireless device that uses the industry's most mature and stable wireless mesh algorithm technology. The Strix Access/One solution supports high-speed vehicle movement and fast roaming switching for up to 300 km/h. Multimode Mesh algorithms, Lay2 Mesh algorithms and adjustable high-speed mobility parameters make high-speed roaming switching and session persistence possible. At the same time, Strix provides dedicated on-board mesh devices and optimized private algorithms to further improve roaming speeds. The system uses Strix OWS series products as fixed base stations for regional coverage and A1N5600-SRM13 as vehicle terminals. The mobile vehicle movement information obtained by GPS and Beidou modules is transmitted back to the backend server through wireless MESH network, and the real-time display of vehicle location, speed and trajectory information is realized on the backend software, thus realizing real-time monitoring and management of vehicles.

The solution uses a wireless mesh network and vehicle positioning system to provide seamless broadband mobile wireless network coverage for vehicle sites, real-time wireless data upload for vehicle driving and monitoring systems, while obtaining vehicle positioning location information as well as vehicle driving speed. The positioning software server is able to collect the data of the experimental vehicle through the mesh network, and the real-time display of the motion trajectory and the playback of the trajectory provide the data of the vehicle to the positioning server.

A1N5600-SRM13 wireless device system is based on fast switching wireless communication solution, the system is combined with GPS and Beidou positioning system, applied to the examination positioning of driving school, mine card transfer system, can be based on customer requirements, the positioning accuracy can reach centimeter level.

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