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Difficulties about control loading in VB6.0

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These days in the process of doing works, I think we all more or less for VB6.0 ActiveX control loading and headache, such as sometimes in the moment of opening a project it gives you pop-up can not be loaded or loading error box, when you want to use a control, VB6.0 and can not find ...... This is really irritating!!!

Of course, I must have encountered such problems when writing these things, but I just forgot for the moment that "not to be is the motivation to discover", and the project that was done under XP in the server room has all kinds of errors as soon as I put it on my Win7 64 ...... If this keeps up, the works exhibition can't continue ...... I just couldn't stand it today and couldn't continue to let the bugs laugh at me. Gritted my teeth and figured out the solution online.

So when it prompts you for certain controls, like Systray.ocx, go online and download it and register it.

The registration method is the same old method: the

① Put the .ocx file into C:WindowsSystem32

② Run regsvr32 C:WindowsSystem32SysTray.ocx

GeneralXP system orWin7 32 Bit system can be registered successfully, But then some people ask, Registration sometimes fails when registering, For example, it will pop up " module*********.ocx ”(" ****** ” Indicates the path to the control) Load Failure, etc. dialog box, as shown on the right:

At this point you can register again as an administrator, Start → Search (cmd), when you find the program cmd, right-click Run as administrator, dutifully enter regsvr32 C:WindowsSystem32SysTray.ocx in step ② above and run it, is not a great success?

If your system is Win7 64-bit, then don't panic, the above situation is purely normal, I don't know if the children who often shop in the C drive have noticed, the original system in Win7 64-bit Windows directory than 32-bit more than a syswow64 directory, casually check, WoW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit) is a Windows operating system subsystem, able to run 32-bit applications WoW64 subsystem is a lightweight compatibility layer, in all versions of windows have the same interface. Its main purpose is to create 32-bit environments, and it provides the necessary interface in order to allow 32-bit applications to run on 64-bit systems without any modifications. Technically, WOW64 is implemented by three DLLs.: Wow64.dll is the core interface to the Windows NT kernel, converting between 32-bit and 64-bit calls, including pointer and call stack manipulation.; Wow64win.dll provides suitable entry pointers for 32-bit applications.; Wow64cpu.dll is responsible for converting the processor between 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

About syswow64 for the time being described here, in the above probably understand syswow64, know what to do, right? Yes, you need to register the SysTray.ocx control into this folder and then register it, the registration method is the same as the method above, of course, the registration path should be changed to C:Windowssyswow64SysTray.ocx, when you click enter is it like the following to show the registration success? Be happy ......

Here again, if you encounter the problem of "accessing system registry error", most of the time it is a permission problem, such as loading a project with an accessing system registry error, you can open VB as administrator first, and then load that project from VB.

Here is a small reflection, in the future, do not encounter problems "do not treat small problems as problems", adhere to the principle of "will not be the driving force of discovery". There are many experts on the Internet, so if you study patiently and carefully and ask others for advice, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

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