Ding Lei disproves the rumor that "I haven't owned a single bitcoin since the beginning"

(Pinterest Business Review) Feb. 22 - In response to the news that NetEase's Ding Lei spent $1 billion to buy 96,000 bitcoins, Ding Lei posted a rumor in his circle of friends today, saying the news was untrue.

At one point before Spring 2018, Bitcoin fell below the $7,000 mark. On February 18, a website broke the news that the mystery buyer's purchases caused the price of BTC to rise above $10,000, and that this buyer bought $344 million in bitcoin between February 9 and 12 when the price was $8,400, and then purchased another 41,000 bitcoins before the price was at $10,000." The news was then reprinted in several media outlets, with the claim that the mystery buyer was Ding Lei.

On February 22, Ding Lei retweeted the rumor in his circle of friends and commented, "To clarify through the almighty circle of friends, I haven't owned a single bitcoin since the beginning."

With blockchain becoming the number one buzzword in 2018, major tech companies at home and abroad have been laying out blockchain. On January 5, NetEase launched its blockchain pet cat project "NetEase Zhaocai Cat", with the domain name bi.163.com enabled on its official website. However, the "Netease Fortune Cat" internal test immediately after the return of test funds, the outside world that the project is close to the death. At the same time, NetEase has quietly launched a financial blockchain zone project "Planet Base". PlanetBase is positioned as a "blockchain-based ecological value-sharing platform" and says it will help users manage digital assets through blockchain cryptographic storage technology.

It is reported that the NetEase Planet Base was met with many questions as soon as it was launched because of the detailed collection of users' private data.

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