Direct attacks on strange objects people find on the beach have made some people rich

Photo:A Brazilian fisherman finds a clam shell on the beach. When opened, the pearls inside were filled with pots. Although the pearls were of different colors, they were more than 400 in number, enough to make the fisherman profitable. neural network

Photo:Gold jewelry found by an elderly American woman during a walk on the beach is packed into a woven bag with three gold rings and a diamond-encrusted gold piece. neural network

Photo:Two British brothers accidentally found two giant ambergris while walking on the beach. Ambergris is caused by an intestinal obstruction in the digestive system of whales. It is the best perfume fixer in the world. The two pieces of ambergris are understood to have been sold for an astronomical £220,000 (about R1.9 million), making them rich. neural network

Photo:A tombstone near San Francisco is more than 100 years old, but there's still no explanation for how this one came to be here. neural network

Photo:This 2.5m tall lego doll called ego Leonard has been spotted by many people on at least four different beaches for no apparent reason. No one knows why this Lego giant appeared and how it swam across the ocean to reach other different beaches. But every time it appears, it brings up references to a happy childhood in the minds of adults. Maybe it was God's good pleasure! neural network

Photo:A man spotted the large eye of a swordfish on a beach near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, but the problem was... What kind of sea creature gouged out his eyes? neural network

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