Dissertation shooters, a dying profession

You think AI will only replace serious careers??


They say no sale, no harm. Essay shooters are a powerful market need spawned product。

Many people are required to write essays.

You have to write when you go to school. Undergraduate students have to write a thesis, and graduate and doctoral students need to publish a certain number and level of additional journal articles in order to graduate successfully.

After work too be restless。 Teachers and researchers need not be mentioned, Writing an essay is like paying a taxi driver's fare。 No matter what industry you're in., If you are fortunate enough to be enrolled in a postgraduate, too You have to write a thesis to graduate.。

With quality education in full swing and more emphasis on creative skills, it is only likely that primary and secondary school students will have to write essays in the future.

Writing an essay is something that requires capacity harmony times of which one cannot be without the other. Some people are two for one, some are all for nothing. Faced with strict KPI metrics, some of these people get their heads in the sand.

Once upon a time in the good old golden days, turning in an essay was not a difficult task. Intellectual property is something that has no place in our traditional culture. The popular belief that "the world's articles are one big copy" is so deep that many people have no psychological burden to copy. It was easy to catch a sheep wool-gathering, so they copied a sentence from the east and a sentence from the west, and put together a text to deliver.

The golden age came to an end when technological developments gave rise to a horrific roadblock - the checkweighing system (actually the real name is "academic misconduct detection system").

It's hard to get past plagiarism and pastiche anymore. What to do? Does the paper have to be written by hand? Many have an outsourcing drive.

The person who takes the job is the shooter.

At one time I didn't understand what the point of being in this business was. What's wrong with spending the time and effort to write a paper for a few thousand dollars and doing something with it?

This idea is so naive. If all the essay shooters wrote their papers according to standard research methods, they would have been starved half to death at market prices. There is a secret to their ability to provide a strong supply.

supply (as in supply and demand)

To give your product a competitive edge, Marginal costs would need to be low enough。

The restaurant business is booming again, too be hard-pressed to make a fortune。 Because every time you make a dish, All require raw materials and the labor of a chef times。 The cost is locked in., Not easy to bring down。 Of course the restaurant wants a full house of customers, But there are too many people., It'll be too busy.。

Not so with telecom operators. The lines are laid, someone uses them or no one uses them, more or less people use them, it's all about those costs. Every subscriber you pull in is one more income. Therefore, telecom operators will find ways to pull in customers.

Thesis shooters are able to make money because the marginal cost is low enough and the marginal benefit is high enough.

Thesis shooters too It's graded. The. It's like when you make a move., The paper can then be posted inScience, Nature perhapsCell on top of, Then you'll be a top gun., I have no problem selling hundreds of thousands of dollars for an article。 But I just don't get it., If you could do that, why did you become a gunman?? Get a good job at a prestigious university for a few years, Why don't you try to win a Nobel Prize??

Due to the existence of other ways of earning a living, Good researchers don't have enough incentive to be gunslingers。 Thus most of the essay shooters have a very low tier。 They form the backbone of the industry。 They make papers., for the most part too I can only describe it as crap.。 It's difficult to use these papers for awards The. But there is a huge amount of demand at the low end, That's why they never worry about customers。

How many steps does it take for them to concoct an essay?

First we need to get some. data。 data It's easy now.。 Questionnaire Star came up with a survey, Wrap a few dollars in red packets, data Here it comes.。 as to data quality,who cares? Of course., This money and effort actually too Can save—— Just master the fabrication data tips。 Statistical software can be used to generate a distribution that obeys a certain、 Random plus noisy data。 If it's normal, it's normal., If you want a power law, you want a power law., perfectly obedient。

The second needs to be analyzed data。 That's a better idea.。 You are interested in the question、 data with statistical methods are completely ignorant, too it doesn't matter。 Statistical software that instantly generates dozens of charts。 Greek letters and mathematical formulas are even more confusing to look at。SPSS Specialized statistical software such as, Foreign students can't afford to use。 Pirated copies are easy to come by here., The guys are using it with great enthusiasm。 Gunners naturally too unable break the custom。

With this, the skeleton of the paper is complete. The rest is what the shooters need to do manually - look at the pictures and talk a load of crap. Blow up the introduction all you want, find a few random papers in the literature review, pile up the abstract, and write a few "sound advice" in a grand fashion (e.g. you get hungry if you don't eat, so you must eat) ...... Okay, finish and deliver, collect the money.

The competitive advantage of thesis shooters comes from technology。 Technology depresses the labor required to write an article times and attention inputs。 So they have the opportunity to become professional sellers, Have fun making money.。

Such an article is really not considered plagiarism, and therefore the checker system can't do anything about it.

We don't make moral judgments. But the good times are really coming to an end for the paper shooters. Because artificial intelligence is here.

spoil the party

If you think I want to talk about semantic level checking, then you Wrong guess.

virtue is one foot tall, the devil ten foot (idiom); It takes constant vigilance stave off evil.。 Semantic checking can bring low-level plagiarism pastiches to light though, But not much of a threat to professional paper shooters。 Their article is based on data Analysis and interpretation of the。 rubbish, not false。 But in the eyes of the checker system, No problem.。

But what if the machine could write its own paper? ......

Artificial intelligence already has the ability to move from data to the ability to describe in words。 Some news media in the United States, Already usedWordsmith Software like this to produce news now。Wordsmith This is how the process is described on its website The.

See? As long as you give it data harmony templates It will tell the whole story for you.

Mentioned earlier, data It's easy to get The. And templates are even less of a problem, Let's not forget that we often refer to the framework of a paper as“ foreign languages” ah。

Machine storytelling, How was it??

At the Rio Olympics last year, Smart Writer developed by Today's HeadlinesXiaomingbot Automatic news writing。 Read the text in the chart below, What do you think??

If you think AI writing is only good for a newsletter, Describe the results of the competition, Then you underestimated it.。

That day, the clouds were low and the sky was overcast. There wasn't a single person in the house. Conan seemed to be out on some important business. He didn't even say hello to me. Boring! Very, very boring. By the way, how about I try to write a novel.

This passage was written by a machine and is taken from The Day the Computer Wrote a Novel. It passed the preliminary screening for the "Hoshin-ichi" literary award in Japan.

Artificial intelligence writes fiction, and it can't win awards. But do you think the essay style is more like fiction, or more like journalism? Do you need the writing skills of a first-class writer to write an essay?

The data collection is automated, the data analysis is processed, and the rest of the data is interpreted so that the machine can do an objective description by analogy to a news report.

Thesis shooters are too much trouble, Overview literature too Xu found some random articles。 Machines can work tirelessly to get literature data Extract all relevant topic articles from the library, classify、 gradings、 accept or reject、 Automatic extraction summary and personalized text generation。

What's more important is speed. Machines write papers in seconds.

An essay written in this way, What do you think is the right price??10 A block or20?

Either way, human essay shooters are Can't compete. The.


You may be wondering: if AI can already write papers for people, why doesn't anyone make a product?

Wake up.。

Let's not forget that the profession of thesis gunner is both unlawful too immoral

No big, prestigious company would do such a laborious and unappealing thing, Losing Ben, but not even drinking, is a silly thing to earn。

However, with the trend towards open source deep learning natural language processing technology, it is not difficult for the average individual or organization to master this automated writing technology.

Once some paper shooter can write a paper on a machine, he's not going to make a big show of it. He could have secretly used the machine to produce a "good and cheap" paper that would have wiped out his competitors.

Machines never compete with people. Whereas the people who control the machine will certainly do so.

For the average person, the story is far from over.

Using real and serious data, real scientists can also use automated writing technology to assist in writing and publishing papers quickly. This market, which is legal and ethical, is also lucrative. There is no stopping the use of advanced technology. Just as with modern transportation, you can't ask everyone to commute on foot. Artificial intelligence companies will compete fiercely in this area.

We are always used to thinking about the future in today's context, which is as dangerous as driving with our eyes on the rearview mirror. Technology will bring drastic changes to society, and care should be taken when choosing a career.

Should we make undergraduates write theses when people know they can be produced so easily? Will we still be asking working students to write papers? Can the number of dissertations still be used as a hard indicator of PhD graduation, or even a basis for judging the contribution and value of scientists?

Keep thinking about it and it'll get the brain going.

One thing's for sure, though: by then, low-end thesis shooters are useless.


In your opinion, what other industries will be profoundly affected by artificial intelligence? Especially the subtle effects that people haven't mentioned yet? Feel free to leave a comment and we'll share and discuss.

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