Dive deep into the usefulness of DiskGenius partition tool for data recovery!

I. Introduction to the principles of data recovery.

When it comes to data recovery you should not be unfamiliar, is that you accidentally deleted important data inside the computer and the Recycle Bin can no longer be found inside, then we have to use data recovery to recover your accidentally deleted files. Faced with the various fee-based data recovery software on the market or all need to pay, the price inside the data recovery store is even higher. So I'd like to introduce you to a very practical and useful and free way of data recovery today. The name of this data recovery is familiar to everyone, it is the recover data feature inside the diskGenius partition tool.

Second, the way of data recovery and application illustration.

The following is a detailed explanation of how to recover data. First of all, enter WIN PE maintenance, double click diskGenius partition tool, select the disk partition you need to recover, and click the recover data function inside the menu bar tools. A detailed illustration is shown below.

Open the DiskGenius partition tool and click to select whichever disk drive you need to recover.

Select Tools inside the menu bar and then select deleted or formatted file recovery.

The dialog box that appears, select the type of requirement you have.

The data has been recovered, click OK.

The next step is to select the important data you need oh.

Just select the data and save the appropriate location.

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