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Dmitry Package Description

Dmitry (Deep Sea Information Collection Tool) is a UNIX/(GNU) Linux command line application written in C that collects as much information about a host as possible. Basic functions are able to collect possible subdomains, email addresses, uptime information, TCP port scans, Whis lookups, etc.

The following is a list of current functions.

An open source project.

Perform a lookup of the Internet number.

Retrieves possible uptime data, system data, and server data.

Perform a subdomain search on the target host.

Perform an email address search on the target host.

Perform a TCP port scan on the host target.

A modular program that allows the user to specify modules


root@kali:~# dmitry -h

Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool

"There be some deep magic going on"

Dmitry: invalid option -h

Usage: dmitry[-winSepfb][-t0-9][-o%host.txt] host

-o Save the output to the file specified by %host.txt or the -o file

-I look up the IP address of the host

-w Perform a whois lookup on the host's domain name

-n Retrieve information about on the host

-s performs a search for possible subdomains

-Search for possible email addresses

-p Perform a TCP port scan on the host

*-f performs a TCP port scan on the host showing the output reporting filtered ports

*-b Read the banner received from the scan port.

*-t0-9 sets the TTL in seconds when scanning TCP ports (default is 2)

*Require the passing of the -p marker

Dmitry usage examples

Run a Domain lookup (W).. ip lookup(I) Get it back. Net process information (N) Find. subdomain Find. E-mail address (E) , perform a tcp port scan.(P) and save the output to Example: txt(O) used in a

root@kali:~# dmitry -winsepo example.txt

Deep information-gathering tools

"There's some deep magic going on."

Write the output to "example.txt"


Gathered inet-whois information for


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