Do you know the difference between a BIM solution and a normal solution?

This is the era of "BIM construction".

Chances are, you're still designing construction plans in the traditional way that

Overtime plus vomiting blood and still no work ......

After reading this article, you will turn over a serf! BIM Landing Construction Solution Design opens a bright window into BIM solution design and shows you what an awesome BIM construction solution is, will you be moved?

BIM stands for the application of information technology in the construction industry.

However, in the area of construction programme cases, the

A perfect proposal created with BIM technology.

What's the difference from the regular program?

Follow along with me~


BIM design solutions have a more three-dimensional visual presentation

Common solutions are constrained by traditional 2D drawings and rely on strong expertise in order to interpret the sense of space.

With the advantage of a three-dimensional multi-view model, BIM can navigate to every corner of the space, reducing the gap between the imagination of both sides, communicating more efficiently and reaching consensus more easily.

BIM solutions vs. traditional solutions


BIM design solutions create more thoughtful

Tens of thousands of square meters of basement, a hundred-storey Shopping Mall, are you also in the headache of such a large project. Traditional solutions rely on the strong design experience of the designer to think through the finer details of the solution.

BIM empowers builders to have a God-like view of the entire construction process by providing a full range of model design and construction calculations.

BIM solutions vs. traditional solutions


BIM design solutions are accurate in calculating energy efficiency and environmental protection

▲ Traditional schemes rely on empirical estimates and manual calculations by designers, and material calculations are generally large.

BIM solutions rely on building information technology models to accurately calculate material usage and directly output material reports, using more efficient information means to improve material reuse rates and control the way and path of material use in a more intuitive way.

BIM solutions vs. traditional solutions


BIM design solutions are efficient and convenient

Traditional solutions require designers with long experience in the field and a high level of knowledge and skills, usually one to two months for a single solution.

With intelligent machine algorithms, BIM can provide intelligent experience layout for practitioners, typically taking only 1 to 2 weeks to complete the scheme design, approaching the industry trend of artificial intelligence step by step.

BIM solutions vs. traditional solutions


The BIM programme has other benefits.

Immersive construction simulation: taking workers into the world of BIM solution models through VR, AR and other model interfaces ......

Efficient collaboration: BIM design and construction solutions allow peers to collaborate remotely on projects ......

Solution review is more efficient: more intuitive presentation during solution review, relying on machine calculations, making it easier for experts to pass ......

bim isn't just trending anymore, it's in full swing!!!

Get your national BIM certificate before it's too late and get a head start on the market!

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