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Do you know what kind of car humans in the future world will be driving on the road?

As technology becomes more and more advanced, cars are really becoming more and more advanced, just with the current technology has developed a series of high-tech cars such as driverless, but do you know what kind of cars humans can drive in a hundred years or even two hundred years from now?

In fact, you have seen in many places the cars of the future conceived by various countries in their blueprints, but this is the one that is already on the agenda. First of all, let's look at the car as a whole, the overall body is cream in color, the streamlining is particularly pronounced, and the overall look is that of a tech-savvy car. It's in the scissor door auto category.

The front, very minimalist, has no grille, the headlights are clear, and the front overall looks very Bugatti-like.

The interior is very minimalist, you can see that this is a white color, simple and generous, and is a four-seater, although it looks from the interior, very minimalist, but in no way affects the sense of technology that people feel at a glance, the simple interior reveals a very strong sense of technology.

Anyone who has an opinion on the future of cars can comment out below!

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