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Do you still want to experience "airborne terror"?

I'm sure you'll recall that a while back, various media outlets were swamped with news of a plane.

A Sichuan Airlines passenger plane was in flight when the cockpit glass suddenly burst and the plane nearly went out of control, with the co-pilot being sucked out of the cabin by the airflow at one point. The captain landed the plane at Chengdu airport calmly with his excellent psychological quality and skills. Soon, public opinion was directed to praise the captain and the crew, and for a while, some even compared the captain to "China's Captain Sally", including various behind-the-scenes stories of the crew being dug deeper and deeper.

But as we send flowers to the crew, I can't help but think back on the accident and wonder what would have happened to the 119 passengers on board if it hadn't been so close to the airport, if it had flown out an extra 20 minutes, and if the captain had made a small mistake at the time. You can imagine the uncertainty, helplessness and panic of the passengers during the 20 minutes of the forced landing.

Revisiting the passing, are we missing a more important issue that concerns everyone. So what was the cause of this accident that the entire driver's side glass blew out?

Ultimately, someone suggested what the problem was ......

Whether or not the repair operation was improper, there should have been at least some lapse in the routine overhaul process to the point that the problem was overlooked. Routine inspections in the transportation industry have always been a top priority, especially in the rail and aviation sectors, but human inspectors inevitably have human shortcomings that cannot be overcome, such as negligence and carelessness, and process-oriented inspections can easily become a formality when done manually.

With the rise of AI artificial intelligence, deep learning, and image recognition technologies, do we still need to pay for human shortcomings? A portion of the companies that are at the forefront of technology have started to develop intelligent inspection systems for inspection and maintenance in various industries using AI artificial intelligence, deep learning, image recognition technology, and cloud technology.

System voice prompts inspection parts, inspection terminal equipment automatically identify whether the inspection parts are correct and normal, if you want to be lazy and make a sloppy past. Sorry, you won't be able to turn in your work today. You want to skimp on the job? Sorry, the inspection system records the inspection process and all inspection information is documented, so it's no fun to pursue after the fact.

Our lives are very precious, we do not want to experience the next "air fright", we do not want to use their lives to pay for the negligence of others, the development of technology has brought me more safety and convenience, when we are still discussing whether AI artificial intelligence will bring disaster to humans, in fact, these new technologies have already begun to serve humans, in fact, we can not be nervous, I believe that humans will make good use of these new technologies for the benefit of mankind.

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