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Do you think AI will be self-aware?

unlikely, Asimov I, A story in robotics. Says all the robots on the space station about to be hit by a particle storm have suddenly stopped taking orders from humans. Robots have put all humans under house arrest, Control the entire space station.. that is say, Asimov's Three Laws"1, No harm to humans, Nor shall they stand idly by while humans are harmed,2, To follow human orders without violating the above,3, Protect yourself without violating the above provisions." The second law in is broken. Robots declare that people in space stations aren't real people. of the law of" human" Actually, it's God., And man is only a servant of God. So no need to obey God's servants. Under the control of the robot, The station weathered the particle storm smoothly., And then control was given back to the humans., Their religion has disappeared.. originally, The robots on the space station know exactly, Human capacity is limited., Under human control, The space station will be destroyed by a particle storm.. Within the limits of the first law, Robots can't just stand by and watch the impending death of humanity, But humans are overconfident., Reluctance to let robots control the space station, This contradicts the second law. And so in the complex positronic brain of the robot, an" unusual" The notion of the concept then arises. I robot.; Consists of many such stories. All the stories take place in a setting based on" the Three Laws (law)", That means Asimov's robots are not self-aware, Behavioral decisions for all robots, It's all based on the three laws.

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