Do-it-yourself load balancing: GitHub experimental project demo

In this episode, we'll demonstrate all the concepts covered in the previous episodes in a complete video, using the GitHub project: to demonstrate how to build a highly available load-balanced environment with multi-node support on a local machine, based on Docker, step by step.

Meanwhile, the GitHub project lab-load-balancing that accompanies the video has been updated to the latest, opening up all the materials needed for the experiment. Includes.

Experimental manipulation documentation (/

Slides used in the tutorial (/docs directory)

Configuration example for hAProxy and Keepalived (/conf directory)

Docker environment required for experimentation (/docker directory)

Last but not least, a preview of the new projects planned to be launched next week by Haruko Lab《Hello Git》 . Starting next week, we'll be taking a look at the Hello Git video tutorial series to learn and master various practical techniques for using Git.

Course Description

hAProxy is currently a very popular load balancing solution, combined with the use of Keepalived can solve the single point of failure of HAProxy itself, to achieve highly available load balancing services.

In the Do-It-Yourself Load Balancing course series, we'll learn step-by-step :

How to install, configure, and debug HAProxy with Keepalived

How to Configure SSL for Load Balancing

How to implement health checks for backend services and HAProxy itself

The course videos are online one episode per week, so you are welcome to tune in at that time. The specific arrangements are as follows.

Episode 1, "HAProxy Basics", 29'41" in length

Episode 2, "Configuring SSL and Health Checks", 25'49" long

Episode 3, "Resolving Single Points of Failure with Keepalived," runs 24'07"

Episode 4, "How to Operate a "Do-It-Yourself Load Balancing" Lab Project", 26'15" long

The "Haruko Lab" is the passion and dedication of "Haruko Kotobuki", and there are more in the pipeline for the future. Creative courses Meet you all step by step!

Eagerly awaiting your encouragement, support and feedback! And you're all welcome to reblog and share! This is the driving force behind the enduring progress of the Haruko Lab ......

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