cool hit counter Domestic 100th driverless Apollo bus rolls off line for mass production, setting new heights for domestic vehicles!_Intefrankly

Domestic 100th driverless Apollo bus rolls off line for mass production, setting new heights for domestic vehicles!

Hello everyone, today we bring you this model from the 100th Apollo driverless bus mass production off the production line under the domestic flag.

In the domestic car industry is not only super coupe, luxury car models to attract people, in this has been off the line of driverless bus Apollo is also a lot of people's wide attention, and received unanimous praise, have to say that the level of domestic technology has reached a certain realm.

From the shape of this Apollo is not to give a very cute and Q feeling, in this bus can be said to have put a lot of effort into the creation of the technology used to high-tech level, that is, people often say really "black technology", automatic driving, automatic route identification, automatic doors, and the interior configuration is also very high, for a wireless signal viewing display for riders to enjoy, including automatic parking function to the station, brake assist system is also used to a high level, automatic avoidance system and so on are worth a praise.

Secondly, the space level inside the Apollo is also relatively large, unlike previous buses, the interior of the Apollo is built like a family living room exhibition, giving the ride a feeling of returning home, which is still relatively praised, and secondly, the safety coefficient is also guaranteed, because it is unmanned in the driving speed is generally maintained at about 40-50Ps.

This Apollo driverless bus has been officially launched into the market use, how do you guys think about this domestic Apollo? You can interact with the author in the comments below.

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