Don't keep calling people and watch out for a permanent shutdown?

Recently, the public Mr. Yang told look news knews reporter: just a few days, they a 177 beginning mobile phone number was reported twice in a row as a nuisance call, and then what, then the operator will be this number permanently shut down.

The same as the big guys, look at the news knews reporter early by harassment calls harassed accustomed to, actually do not know that there is this kind of operation. So, is Mr. Yang's cell phone number really a nuisance call? Or did someone report it maliciously? Look at what the news knews reporter decided to see what this number has been through ......

This is the shutdown of Mr. Yang, engaged in the distribution of electronic components business, in short, there are a lot of first-level dealers on hand resources, and then to find secondary three-level dealers, sell goods to earn a difference. So, how to find it?

Mr. Yang: Call, have friends do not do to my customer resources, there are online search potential customers.

Look at the news knews reporter: Do you know any of these clients?

Mr. Yang: I don't know.

Look at the news knews reporter: So it's all cold calls( strange calls)?

Mr. Young: Yeah, we all do that in our business.

Look at the news knews reporter: So how many strange calls have you made with this number so far?

Mr. Yang: this number used for about 2 years, dozens of calls every day, to now four or five thousand there, I think it is someone malicious report me.

It seems that these days it is not easy to do a business, Mr. Yang said: his March 2 was the first reported shutdown, so go to the business office to sign a commitment to do the restoration of the machine, did not expect to be able to call again on March 5, after he made dozens of calls, two days apart, the phone was shut down again, and this time the business office reply: you violated the provisions of the commitment, not the second restoration of the machine.

The reporter took a look at the letter of commitment signed by Mr. Yang, which does say: suspected of communication information fraud or harassment, your company has the right to immediately terminate the provision of services.

Look at the news knews reporter then accompanied Mr. Yang to the telecommunications business hall, the other side under Mr. Yang's authorization to see the news knews reporter to see his call details.

Before the outage, for example, between 9:15 and 9:27 a.m., Mr. Yang had nine calls in 12 minutes, all of which were called.

After the first resumption, on March 6, for example, between 9:38 and 9:50, Young had five more calls in a 12-minute period, and all of them were primary calls.

In this regard, telecommunications explain: by looking at the background big data, such a dense outbound call in this user occurred very often, especially in recent times, from 9 a.m. to 17 a.m. during the general working hours, the number of calls reached more than 100 times, and some other call characteristics are also highly consistent with big data harassment, sales phone characteristics.

At the same time, the telecom side also received 10000, the Ministry of Industry 12321, and some Internet channels for this number reported more than thirty times, the type of harassing calls, advertising and sales, and suspected fraud, so that this mobile phone number, there is a great deal of harassment and suspected fraud. In particular, after the resumption of the phone on March 5, a review of the big data platform showed that this user was still making relatively high density outbound calls after the 5th and 6th, and the frequency of calls reached more than 70 times per day, and was also reported by several other users. According to the commitment letter signed between the subscriber and the telecom, if after the resumption of the phone, harassment and other irregularities are still carried out, Shanghai Telecom again implemented the shutdown on March 7, and will not be resumed for a second time.

So it seems that the usual fraudulent nuisance calls and malicious calls that we hate so much, telecom operators are not helpless, they still have a way.

Shanghai Telecom Network Operations Department, Network Security Division Director Tang Kaifeng introduced: call frequency, our normal call frequency, and these used for harassment, sales, is certainly not the same; and then outbound ratio, normal people, outbound and inbound is roughly the same, but the vast majority of sales harassment calls are outbound-oriented. Also, the average normal call is about 1 minute for the average person, but harassing sales pitches dominate with a high 15 second call ratio.

It is understood that such screening means a total of nearly a hundred kinds, then the problem came, look at the news knews reporter as a reporter, in order to interview contact, a day will also call a lot of phone calls, and then such as takeaways, couriers and other practitioners who need a large number of calls, from the frequency of calls, call out ratio, call duration are very much like "scam phone", will not be misjudged by the system?

Telstra said it would whitelist people after receiving big data feedback, while mobile phone numbers suspected of harassment, marketing and fraud would crack down on !!!

(Look at the news Knews reporter: Hong Huanquan Editor: Yu Hanjing)

Copyright: This article is an exclusive article of Look News Knews.

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