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Dr. Box App - A Wizard in the Palm of Your Boss's Hand

In the era of big data, good business analysis is like a powerful assistant that can identify and address the shortcomings and deficiencies in business operations through the complicated business data in a timely manner. The new "Doctor Box" App is not only a good analyzer of business operation, but also a multi-functional player in the fields of credit management, business collaboration and financial services.

Doctor Box App

Dr. Box is a new generation of mobile phone APP application that applies tax big data and mobile internet technology to the field of enterprise management, which is an innovative product in the field of business credit. Dr. Box serves corporate officers, business managers, and finance personnel, and supports the needs of internal management, external cooperation, and resource matching for enterprises. Covers many mobile application scenarios that businesses desperately need to address.

Dr. Box App Demo Video

As a "good, fun" mobile app, Dr. Box combines six functions, including "network ID", "accountant on the go", "chief risk control officer", "large credit card" and other roles. Business owners can keep track of their business operations at any time and anywhere, helping them to make scientific and fast decisions and manage their business effectively.

Function and value

Business Analysis

Purchasing, sales and other data real-time statistical analysis, according to time, geographical, customer, commodity classification statistics, timely grasp of enterprise first-hand business data.

credit management

Provide credit score, credit report and risk warning functions: credit score and credit report can be used as reference in business cooperation, contract signing and other business decisions, and risk warning can provide real-time risk alerts for the enterprise itself and enterprises of concern.

Business Collaboration

Suppliers and dealers are preferentially selected and recommended, and corporate promotional boards and product display windows are provided as independent corporate promotional platforms.

Financial Services

We cooperate with banks to launch a variety of unsecured and unsecured credit loans to facilitate businesses to apply for loans and solve their liquidity needs.

Real Name Authentication

Real-name authentication based on the digital certificate of Golden Tax Disk, Tax Control Disk and OAuth2.0 protocol ensures the real identity of enterprises and uses it to log in to third-party partner websites and applications.

Corporate Social

Dual real name authentication based on business and business owners to expand your circle of contacts. Automatic identification of enterprise upstream and downstream customers, internal employees and other identity roles, there are single chat, group chat, message push and other forms of communication.

Other functions

You can view the business, history, operation, risk and other basic information about the business by the name of the business.

Download Method

Download Methodone: Huawei App Market, Tencent App Store Search for "Doctor Box" to download and install.

Download Method 2: Scan the following QR code to download and install。

common problems

What is dual real name authentication

1、Identity real-name authentication: When Dr. Box users register, the identity of registered users is identified through big data, such as: legal representatives of enterprises, executives, financial personnel, natural shareholders, etc., and different rights are assigned according to their identity.

2、Enterprise real-name authentication: for registered users to bind and authenticate the real identity of the enterprise with the help of digital certificate of tax-control equipment. Based on the real-name authentication of enterprises, it forms an "online ID card for enterprises". Users whose real names have been authenticated by companies become members of the Corporate Credit Commitment Alliance and enjoy full access to Dr. Box products.

How to divide corporate authority

1. Users who have only registered their mobile phone accounts and have not performed corporate real-name authentication set permissions based on the identity of the owner.

Legal representative or chairman of the board who has registered a mobile phone account only and identified the owner, can enjoy Financial Services harmony Business Collaboration All functions、 and checking basic credit reports、 Partial message initiation and response。

Users who have only registered a mobile account without identifying the owner can view a basic credit report, view a list of loan products, view recommendations from the provider's preferences, and view business promotions and reviews.

2. Users who have made enterprise real name authentication enjoy all operation privileges.

What's included in a credit report

1. The credit report provided by Dr. Box includes basic report (basic business report) and credit report (standard business report).

The basic report includes three parts: basic information, business information, and risk information.

The credit report includes five parts: corporate background, business status, intellectual property rights, risk warning information, and judicial information.

2. Among them, the basic report can be accessed after mobile phone registration, and the credit report requires enterprise real name authentication before the function can be applied.

Internet company specializing in big data enterprise credit business

Wholly owned subsidiary of Aisino Corporation

Aisino Credit relies on Aisino's years of experience in

e-government, e-commerce, and tax information accumulated

operational resources, data resources, and channel resources advantages.

Provides professional, objective and authoritative third party credit services.

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