Driverless cars count for nothing, driverless bikes are coming, learn about the black technology

Driverless cars count for nothing. Driverless bikes are coming, learn about the black technology

With the development of the economy, there really is no shortage of technological breakthroughs. There was a time when everyone thought they were happy to be able to drive a car, but who knew that within a few years this wish would not only all come true, but there are driverless cars that are literally taking consumers to the sky. If you thought driverless cars were amazing enough, then this next hack we're going to introduce will be even more mind-boggling. That's right, what's a driverless car, driverless bikes are here, does this count as black technology? So let's find out together.

First of all, I'm sure you all have some idea of what driverless means, which means that the driver's license is just to get in it and then the rest is none of your business. Just like driverless cars, not only does the driver not need to take the wheel, but they don't even need to hit the brakes, the car's computer does it all. This not only frees up the driver's hands and feet, but also greatly reduces the number of accidents caused by human error. And in the case of driverless bikes, the principle is the same as that of driverless cars. But technically speaking, the latter is more difficult, because after all, a car has 4 wheels, while a bicycle has 2 wheels, and there are many technical difficulties in terms of stability.

However this dilemma is estimated to be about to be broken by a Dutch tech company, the basic situation of this driverless bike is that the driver's license can sit on it and do nothing, even if you look at your phone, but as long as the destination is set for the bike in advance, the bike itself is designed for the zigzag travel route. And along the way, they will make their own judgments based on the actual road conditions, such as stopping at red lights, going on green lights, avoiding cars when they encounter them, etc. The most important thing is that this bike does not fall down even when it is stationary, it has its own set of balance system.

Moreover, it is known that this driverless bike not only peaks the perception in technology but also implements the location function. For example, if you buy a bike like this and don't carry it, but if you want to drive it, just send your location to the bike's "brain", then it will run to pick you up on its own.

Finally, for this kind of black technology, how nice it would be if it really came true. As far as we know, the driverless bike is still in the testing process and it is not known when it will be successfully launched, if it will be developed and how much it will cost after it is launched. But no matter what, we still have to respect the technology that is now available, after all, it has changed our lives and our perception of the future.

So buy electric car is not can wait ah, if driverless bicycle future really came it, this netizens have said: if there really is, no longer afraid of limit, also buy what electric side ah. What do you think about this?

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