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Driverless giant, 3.5 million yuan landing in Shanghai, Baidu fears no head-on challenge

If you are concerned about my article, you must know that the driverless are mentioned in the previous many article reports, especially for Baidu driverless mentioned many times, I love the Baidu Apollo platform, but today we are going to talk about another Internet technology giant, the same driverless giant that started out as a search engine - Google driverless. Google-based driverless company waymo, recently given a valuation of $175 billion by Morgan Stanley, is undoubtedly a unicorn company valued at over a trillion dollars.

And for us, the general public, we are more concerned with what does such a giant have to do with me?

In fact, Google Drone is close to you and me because it has landed in China, so let's take a look at the image below.

The above chart is the interception of the national enterprise credit information public system, through the chart we can see that the registered in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the name of the enterprise "Huimao Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co Ltd", founded on May 12, 2018, registered capital of 3.5 million yuan, type of foreign legal person solely owned, the only shareholder is waymo llc, this waymo is no other than Google parent company Alphabet's driverless company.

Google driverless is different from the other electric car giant "Tesla" that was stationed in the free trade zone not long ago, Google driverless can be said to be the originator of the driverless field, as early as ten years ago has begun research and development work, and Google as a world-class giant in the field of science and technology, its artificial intelligence research and development strength is absolutely unmatched by traditional car giants, even after waymo low-key stationed in Shanghai, some say Baidu is also a bit panicked.

But I think waymo's entry, the most panicked perhaps not Baidu, from JPMorgan's report analysis, valued at $175 billion waymo, divided into three components, respectively, $90 billion worth of logistics business, $80 billion worth of automated taxi business, $7 billion worth of patent licensing business. From the above, if waymo once successful, perhaps the first to panic is the traditional logistics and transportation industry, as well as the taxi business, I am afraid that the drop is difficult to compete with it, of course, this will take time, at least three or two years is extremely unlikely.

We then look at the domestic driverless leader Baidu driverless, narrow road, I am still, as always, more optimistic about Baidu, not to mention the history of many across the giant will encounter the phenomenon of unconventional water and land, single technology and the use of scenarios, Baidu driverless this time is not behind, even in some areas or leading.

The first thing you can be sure of is that Baidu and Google are in the most direct competition with each other, whether it's from the original search or today's drones. In the traditional search era perhaps Baidu is weaker, but in the driverless field, the two are considered to go hand in hand, both need AI technology gat, both need maps as a basis, both are non-automotive manufacturing companies, and both have the relevant technology. Although Google's R&D strength is almost unmatched, Baidu is not far behind, as some areas are already ahead.

I especially have the most confidence in Baidu's Apollo system and voice intelligence system these two core elements, first Apollo is already the world's largest driverless open platform, especially after many traditional car giants joined, gradually built a very good driverless ecology, in addition to the current global first mass production of driverless buses; and in the driverless another important entrance - voice intelligence, in the face of the rich Chinese language as well as dialect, obviously local companies will have more advantages, because these AI big data base in the country, and not just with technology leadership can be solved.

Of course, the final who is the main sink needs time to test, but the driverless this domestic feast, the giant will join the formation of healthy competition, and ultimately in the future will benefit you and me and the public.

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